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Radhe Maa Is Ready To Show You The 'Rah' In Her Upcoming Web Series

After being on the top list of female social leader, Radhe Maa now has plans to take over the entertainment industry. Oh yes, the entertainment industry and to start the career, her first step as a debut actress will be in a web series by actor-turned-producer Ramman Handa.What will fascinate you is the name of the series, it's ‘No Casting No Couch Only Ouch?’You may be thinking what the story will be about. Well, for the beginning let me tell you that Radhe Maa has taken this step to regain her positive image in the minds of people after being a part of all the controversies in the past. After seizing to Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh's MSG series, I think the crowd has become strong enough to watch you on the screen, Radhe Maa. And if Dera chief can do it, why can't Radhe Maa?

Here is one of her videos dancing on 'Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se'.

Well, if you went through this, trust me you will get through the web series as well. 

Now, what is her role in the web series?

According to the sources, the self-announced Goddess of India will play herself in the movie. That is, she will be portrayed as the guiding light of the protagonist. 

It's actually 'Rah-De-Maa...' like seriously?

According to Producer Ramman Handa, "It is actually a way to make people meet the real Radhe Maa. To me, her name means 'Rah De Maa', which means, 'Show us the way, mother'. And that is what she will do in the series; she plays the messenger of God, who brings the protagonist out of depression."

Now even Radhe Maa can say, "Camera loves me."

The shoot was done at Radhe Maa's bungalow. The producer said, "She was spontaneous and co-operative. It was easy because she was playing herself. The result has turned out to be good."

What her co-workers has to say?

Anisha Nikhanj, another star from the web series who is playing the role of Poonam said, "I did not have any scene with Radhe Maa, but I did go to her place with Ramman, and it was a wonderful experience. Whatever people and media talk about her, I found that it was the exact opposite. Her personality is charming, and her aura is very welcoming. Whatever chat we had, I learned the importance of life from just that brief meet."

Baba will feel bad if I'll not mention him.

It isn't the first time any self-proclaimed God-Goddess are coming into the entertainment industry. I don't think you have forgotten the legendary 'MSG: The Messenger of God'. You will be surprised to know that rapist Baba has made three parts of his subjected movie MSG, i.e., 'MSG-2 The Messenger' and 'MSG- The Warrior Lion Heart'.

His 2017 collection.

His 2017 collection of movies include 'Jattu Engineer' and 'Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab: MSG Lion Heart 2' which is the sequel to his 'MSG- The Warrior Lion Heart'. Yeah! You can take a minute to consume this. 

Are you aware of his records?

According to his website, his versatility can be guessed by the fact that he has handled 30 departments in his earlier Film, 'MSG: The Warrior Lion Heart'. If you're a film-making believer I apologize in the beginning because Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award for most popular Actor, Director and Writer.

He holds 19 Guinness World Records... WAIT, WHATTTT??

Don't let this lose your faith in Guinness World records, but it's true that he holds 19 of them. 

Let's see if Radhe Maa can match Baba's Swag...

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