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12 Bollywood Celebrities And Their Lesser-Known Affairs Before They Became Famous

*Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days*All of us have had our share of linkups and breakups. Those exes who now make us feel as if we were hypnotized or rather blind while dating them. I mean, what were we thinking? We laugh our ass off while reading all those old conversations and pictures that we clicked. Our Bollywood celebrities are no exception. They have also made choices in their lives that they might regret or maybe these choices make them laugh at themselves now. But, that's part and parcel of making independent decisions. Isn't it? Once we head out towards better things, there's no looking back, and these decisions don't matter anymore.We had listed down some lesser-known relationships that our celebrities had before they became famous.

Ha-ha. Seriously!

This is exactly what I felt after knowing that my favourite celebrities dated these people.Read further to know the complete story.

Alia Bhatt | Ali Dadarkar

Alia and Ali were childhood sweethearts in school before she stole our hearts with her glamorous avatar in 'Student of the Year' as Shanaya.

Jacqueline Fernandez | Hassan bin Rashid al Khalifa

This Sri Lankan beauty made all jaws drop with her appearance in the latest trailer of Judwaa 2. She dated the Prince of Bahrain in the past. However, they called it quits when the rumours of her link up with director Sajid took rounds. Source

Deepika Padukone | Nihar Pandya

During her initial days, DP dated Nihar who himself happens to be an actor and model. While Deepika made it big in the industry whereabouts of Nihar are still unknown to us. Source

Arjun Kapoor | Arpita Khan Sharma 

Before his big appearance Arjun dated Bollywood's Bhaijaan Salman's sister Arpita and in an interview, he admitted that Arpita was her first and only relationship so far. However, Arpita has married and is a mommy while Arjun is working on his films. Source

Priyanka Chopra | Aseem Merchant

The 'Wanted' actor Aseem is believed to have dated PeeCee. They were in limelight for Aseem's decision on making a film on Priyanka's life. Source

Freida Pinto | Rohan Antao 

While Freida became a Hollywood star she left her love behind in India. She is reported to have dated Rohan but soon Freida broke up, reasons best known to her. Source

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan | Rajeev Mulchandani

This news was a shock for us as well. Yes, actress Aishwarya dated Rajeev Mulchandani in her modelling days, but as opportunities and fame started knocking her doors, she ended it with him. Source

Aditya Roy Kapoor | Ahana Deol

Aditya dated Ahana for around four years. However, they were never vocal about their relationship. Later, Ahana married a Delhi-based businessman, Vaibhav Vohra.Source

Ranbir Kapoor | Avantika Malik Khan

Ranbir's first crush is believed to be Imran's wife Avantika. The actor was believed to be deeply in love with Avantika when she worked as a child artist. Source

Ranveer Singh | Ahana Deol 

Yes, you read it correctly. Before Ranveer made his appearance as Bittu Sharma he was associated with a Deol and both Ahana and Ranveer are believed to have dated for a while during their college days. Source

Sonakshi Sinha | Aditya Shroff

Before becoming famous Dabangg girl Sonakshi dated the Managing Director of Fame Cinemas but looks like things didn't work out between the duo and Aditya eventually married TV actress Megha Gupta.Source

Anushka Sharma | Zoheb Yusuf

Anushka and Zoheb started dating each other when they met in Bangalore. Both of them came to Mumbai to try their luck, while Anushka got her big break with Yashraj banner Zoheb went back to Bangalore, and that was the end of their relationship.SourceThat's all. Like and share the story. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com