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Reality Behind Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh's Degree And World Records

Ahead of the rape case verdict against the self-styled Godman Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insane Ji (pun intended), that was delivered yesterday by the CBI in the Panchkula district, a lot of other hidden talents of him have come under our scrutiny. And because now he had a pick and drop chopper facility to the Rohtak Jail, it seems he would now be preaching the people in the Rohtak Jail. Such a devoted Baba he is that he cannot leave his so called teachings while serving his punishment too. The VVIP treatment that Singh is currently befitting and possibilities of having a future with the Guru should hardly surprise anyone. Since he is already the beneficiary of Z+ category security, after attempts on his life or should I rephrase an attempt to the right way scared him. And the funny part is, it is funded by the taxpayers' money, your money. Not funny? It definitely isn't, and shouldn't be. A fact that came up was regarding the honorary doctorate he received from the World Records University. His educational background also happens to be a mystery that doesn't seem to solve.Also, seeing all your exciting and encouraging response to my earlier article featuring the GODMAN, I am back with another story that will further blow our minds off and make you say, this man is a d bag!

It took 30 people lives to mark the end.

How proudly the supporters were earlier boasting about their Pitaji's loving service and teachings. And what did his teachings preach? Become a mob of violent, brainless bulls and destroy everything that comes in front of you? Blinded is the word I would use. Violence and killing were never a way to be taken.

Asian World Record of ???

He has Asian World Records and for what reasons they were given will leave you in splits. Like a record for completing the shooting of a song 'Holi ki Pichkari' in 8 hours and 50 mins. I mean I could get an award for sleeping the whole day if its that easy to get a world record.

He had a lot of impact on his followers.

This isn't the first time that the people blindly followed someone. Faith and belief have been winning over the time against rationality and the sense to see the right and the wrong.

18 years of the hope to win.

There have been times where the people seeking justice had given up their hopes because it had become a struggle for them. It took 8 freaking years for the rape survivor to finally breathe the air of justice. 8 years for the other victims and people who were mercilessly murdered to see the guilty drop on the ground.

Truth shall prevail!

It is a fact that truth can never be hidden and it will come out one day or the other and the day it comes, a good site will be witnessed. It was a verdict that restored our faith in the judiciary.

The whole country will suffer if Pitaji is hurt.

A day ahead the verdict was to be announced, the supporters of the foul play master had swarmed up around the CBI Panchkula premises to show their support to their Pitaji. Later, during the day just after the verdict was released, the mob went crazy and attacked the police and the special armed forces assigned in that area. 

How he gained 53 Guinness World Records.

Largest poster of the Saint, most birthday greeting videos, and some more records seeing which you might lose your interests in any Guinness World Records further on.

Educational background still a question?

We tried to go through with his educational background check, but all we got was a bit mysterious. It is only known that after the age of seven, he moved towards his inclination to Dera and nothing literally since that. No records of any degree, yet this person could become a writer, music composer, a lyricist, a cinematographer and a director. Strange!

The multi-talented personality.

So as Baba appears to be or might have paid to appear like this, is a person who can do anything. According to his website, Sportsman par Excellence.Literary Talents and Oratorical SkillsAutomotive EngineeringDirectorial Sense and so many skills that I literally ran out of breath. Name one talent that the beloved Saint doesn't have. But what caught my eye was a wtf moment.FeministI guess he was put in the jail unnecessarily. Poor, Babaji!

Prostitution education or a live demo?

This website of the Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan Ji, (phew! that was an unnecessary exaggeration) has done anything but glorified Rahim with a view to please and woo his devotees and hide all his dark side with a white paint. Carefully read the line that says "Guruji explains the unifying thread of? Tch tch tch! Even the creators were at a fix.

Doctorate degree from World Records University.

So, this first seemed to be a heavy loaded news. While there were accusations on him, he had a doctorate degree all along?About the degree, it is given to any individual after he becomes a knowing figure in the society due to his work or talent and also when he gains some recognition in the society. He has received the degree from the World Records University and their norms for providing an honorary doctorate are just too much to digest.But but, there's something more. Even if any University or institution give an honorary doctorate to a person, he doesn't get the enjoyment to use that degree with his name. So according to Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Shah Rukh Khan should also start using his doctorate ahead of his name, as at least University of  Edinburgh, Scotland is recognized. SO basically he isn't entitled to use the DR against his name. Another fraud on the list people.

Patanjali CEO also groped in for a fake degree.

The CEO of Patanjali the fastest spreading desi company, Acharya Balakrishna also the Baba Ramdev loyalist and aide were involved in a controversy over charges of misleading the people and authorities about his fake bachelor's degree in Ayurveda. His high school degree – ‘Purv Madhyma’ and Sanskrit degree – ‘Shastri’ from Sampurnanand Sanskrit University – do not allegedly exist on records. Source

A letter that carried the truth.

According to source, an anonymous letter was sent to the then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Haryana CM, and powerful people, about the case where the sadhvi accused the Dera Sacha Sauda chief of raping her.

And that's how twitter reacted...

My question too!