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Ever Wondered How Luxurious Gurmeet Ram Rahim's Life Was? 

This universe runs under Newton's third law of motion - every action has equal and opposite reaction. Whatever you do, Karma throws to you accordingly. Self-proclaimed 50-year-old God-man Mr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh might have been realising this better than all of us, at this very moment.One of the most controversial so-called religious/spiritual gurus is the major headline these days. The instances developed after he was announced guilty in a rape case, by CBI court have taken a massive form. Right after he was convicted, his thousands of followers started violent protests in Panchkula and other places, and it is reported that 23 deaths have been confirmed.Dozens of Dera Sacha Sauda (Ram Rahim's organisation)'s followers have been arrested and government authorities are saying that they are trying to take the situations under control. Meanwhile Dera Sacha Sauda has issued a statement that reads: "This is unjust. We will appeal against the judgment. What has happened with us is something that has happened to gurus through history. Dera Sacha Sauda is dedicated to the betterment of humanity. We request all to maintain peace."Let's hope situations will go calm and the nation witnesses peace.Apart from digging out the crimes and controversies related to him, how many of you wondered about this God-man's cozy life? Let's look at the glimpses!

God OR Insaan?

Despite owning a charge of raping two female followers, Ram Rahim has been provided Z-plus security by Haryana government. It is said that the security was to counter the threats given to his life amidst the controversies. Does God need security? Should God-man be afraid of threats?

Messenger of God, super hero, guru, social activist, actor, director, singer... what not?

It's good to make life easy. But does this suit to the man who is devoted to teaching all the philosophies of life to the mankind? Dera Sacha Sauda chief flies in private air crafts and helicopters and has bulletproof Land Cruisers and other highly expensive vehicles. 

Not Dera, it's a palace.

Ram Rahim's Dera hits headlines most often. The headquarter of Dera Sacha Sauda is in Haryana which is known to be one of the most luxurious religious spots. BBC's journalist Arvind Chhabra in one of his recent articles described how posh the Dera was. Arvind was there for reporting almost a decade ago and was surprised by the materialistic facilities and indoor/outdoor constructions it had. Stadium, revolving restaurants, parks etc. were some of the basic trademarks of Dera.

Preachings OR lifestyle?

This spiritual leader has five movies in his bag. FIVE MOVIES. Yes, MOVIES and the lead roles were played by himself. I remember when his movies hit the theatres, it was said that 99.99% of the audience was his followers. What a devotion!

Networks inside and outside.

It is said that Ram Rahim's cult has around 250 branches. He has followers not only in India, but people from US, UK, Dubai etc. are also influenced by his existence. Ram Rahim's property list also includes three hospitals and one International Eye Bank.

So, what next???

Now finally we knew that Ram Rahim was all his life cultivating the way to jail. I wish him a happy stay there. Before I leave you here, let's look at some of the tweets that describe the latest development of the news. You can reach me on leena@wittyfeed.com.