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12 Mythological Facts About Sita That Most Of Us Don't Know

Devi Sita is the consort of Lord Rama who is Lord Vishnu’s seventh avatar. She is the central character of the most prominent epic of Hindu history Ramayana written by Maharshi Valmiki. Sita is the epitome of how a female figure should be. Even after spending fourteen good long years in exile Sita never complained about the tough times in her life. Known for her loyalty and devotion towards her husband Sita is that one woman in Indian history who stands as an inspiration for women of all age groups.Did you know that despite committing such devotion she had an unfortunate end? According to an article by Speaking Tree, Devi Sita went down into the earth. She did not want to live in this unjust life and pleaded 'bhumi' (earth) to accept her, and her plea was even heard, the earth dramatically split open and took Sita away.We have listed down some facts that most of us don’t know about Goddess Sita. 

1. The name Sita.

The name 'Sita' has been derived from a Sanskrit word meaning, 'furrow', to indicate her being found by King Janaka while plowing the field. In the Vedic period, she was one of the Goddesses associated with fertility. Source

2. Disputes about the birth place.

There has been a long debate with respect to the birth place of Devi Sita. Some say it is Janakpur of Mithila in southern Nepal, while some view it as Sitamarhi in Bihar.Source

3. The backdrop of her Swayamwar.

Devi Sita while playing with her sisters in childhood had unknowingly lifted the table over which the bow had been placed; this was something that no one in Mithila could do. This incident was however observed by Janaka and he decided to make it a backdrop for Swayamvara because he wanted a son-in-law who was as strong as his daughter. Source

4. The incarnation of Vedavati.

A fascinating reality about Sita Devi is that she is additionally thought to be a resurrection of Vedavati, whom Ravana had attempted to attack while she was under atonement, in order to become the consort of Lord Vishnu. 

She at that point reviled Ravana to become the cause of his destruction in her next birth.


5. She was asked to leave Ayodhya.

Despite being so loyal to her husband, Sita was asked to leave Ayodhya and spend rest of her life in woods when she was carrying Luv Kush. Source

6. Her age when she got married.

Sita was believed to be merely six years of age when she married Lord Rama. Source

7. Is Devi Sita the daughter of Ravana? 

Well, whether Sita was the daughter of Ravana or not, the fact remains that there are various versions of her story because her real parents are not known. 

It is assumed that Sita is the first child of Ravana and Mandodari. 

Before her birth, astrologers had predicted their first child will become a reason for their destruction. Hearing this, Ravana asked his men to bury her in a distant land. She was then discovered by King Janak, who raised her.Source

8. Rama and Sita's first meeting.

It is believed that Lord Rama met Sita at the Swayamvar. However, that's not true. According to legends, Rama and Lakshmana reached Janakpuri and had some time to explore the place. They visited a garden nearby where Sita was worshipping Goddess Parvati. 

9. Sita performed Shraaddha Puja.

When Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana were serving their exile period, they were informed about the death of Dasharatha and Sita performed the Shraaddha Puja for the same with all the ingredients that were available to them.Source

10. The incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

Sita Ji was considered to be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi who is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, success, and happiness. Source

11. Her cooking tips.

It is believed that Goddess Sita was a great cook and she even shared her cooking tips with local cooks to prepare delicious food. Source

12. Devi Sita had an illusionary form.

Another obscure certainty about Sita is that, in a few variants of Ramayana, there is a reference of Maya Sita (Devi Sita's illusionary form).

As indicated by this...

It was Maya Sita who was really kidnapped by Ravana, while the genuine Sita took shelter with the fire god Agni, who took her to the residence of Goddess Parvati. Afterward, she came back to Lord Ram after the war got over. Maya Sita is then said to have been renewed as Draupadi in her next life.SourceThat's all folks!Comment below what you think about the story or write back to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com and I'll answer all your queries.Also, don't forget to subscribe.