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16 Posters That Perfectly Depict The Existence Of Gender Inequality In Society

We fight for equality among the sexes, we fight for women rights, we fight for injustice against women, but we fail to see the sexism that exists in the society towards men. We bully them, torture them emotionally and physically, don't let them pursue their interests, and for what? Just so, they act 'MANLY' or 'Man up'? Is the image of a macho man in the society so prevalent that we can't let people be who they want to be? And that we can't let a man be a fashion designer because 'it is girly'? Gender stereotypes exist in broad daylight, and yet we fail to recognise and correct them. We let the stereotypes govern us, our perspective of what a human should be, and why? Are we too stingy to change when it is required? Are we too proud to accept the fact that not everyone is cut out from the same rock, and hence won't be the same? Let's learn to grow, respect people for who they are and for the choices they make. Let's not assume the worst in people. Let's give them a chance, who knows, we might end up learning something. Let us know what do you think about the post in the comment section below. .

1. Because a man need not be macho.

Strength is relative, its a perception. Even the strongest of men will fail in front of superman.

2. Because girls are not weak.

If it isn't fair to call a girl weak, just because she is a girl, then it is equally unjust to call a boy weak if he carries himself in whatever way he desires.

3. Because it might as well be a choice.

Much to your surprise, many people choose to not have sex at every given opportunity in life. Why? Because sex is not the only thing in life.

4. Because appearance is not everything that matters.

Too skinny, too fat, tiny hands, are these the only qualifying criteria in life? Does the character of a person doesn't matter at all?

5. Because we have too many stereotypes.

Girls must love pink, boys must hate shopping, women must love to gossip, men must not cry. So many set of rules that forbid individuality.

6. Because a cross dresser is not 'EWWW!'

Do you know who won the Eurovision 2014? Conchita Wurst. Do you know who she is? Go look it up. Oh yeah, one more thing, she is amazing.

7. Because 'You got hit by a girl' is not an insult.

We live in a time where we want our women to learn to be strong and outgoing, but also want our men to withhold their position of the fairer sex. This is hypocrisy.

8. Because a man who has emotions, is manly too.

We hear things like 'Men cant relate to women at an emotional level, that is so unfair', and the weird thing is that those men who are in touch with their emotions are humiliated for showing them.

9. Because 'Gay' is not an insult, it is an orientation.

'Man, you're so gay' is the response to any effeminate character in a man. But, why? Gays are as much of men as straight guys.

10. Maybe if you still don't get it, start again.

The condition of the society we live in, is shameful.

11. And being a woman is certainly not weak.

Because this happens to be the only answer we have for situations, we fail to answer.

12. Because we all are people before, and a 'man' or a 'woman' after that.

Hell, we cry for equality, but does anyone realize what amount of efforts are actually required?

13. Because equality has no fairer sex.

Equality doesn't mean that the fairer sex in power will be taken down, it means that everyone will live in harmony, as siblings.

14. We are not groups, we have to stand together to win this war.

This is a war where all of us are victims- men, women, children- all of us. We have to realize that we all are fighting for the same cause and that a wall is stronger with more bricks in it.