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Stories About India That You Didn't Bother To Verify

We have often been told stories about our country. The stories have continued over the generations and long periods of history. And so we have not made any efforts to check if they are true or not. Here are some such stories. How many of these hold true? You shall see.

Hockey is NOT India's national sport

In 2012, Union Ministry made it very clear that India does not have any national sport. While most textbooks teach otherwise, the government in response to a 10-year-old's RTI query said that India does not have a national game.

Hindi is NOT India's national language

According to the constitution of India, Hindi and English are our official language and India does not have any national language.

Mahatma Gandhi danced with British lady.

How many of you have seen this photograph? Just so you know that is not Mahatma Gandhi. Yes, the photograph is real but the Gandhi in it is fake. According to a report, the man is an Australian actor. 

Varanasi is NOT the oldest city

According to various research papers, Varanasi is NOT the oldest city in the world, but is one among the many.

Mahatma Gandhi is NOT the Father of our Nation

We have been taught throughout our school that Mahatma Gandhi is the Father of our Nation. However, the government of India doesn't believe so. In response to an RTI filed, the government stated that the title has not been accorded to MK Gandhi constitutionally, but out of respect.  

Reason why India withdrew from 1950 FIFA World Cup is NOT known

Though it is believed that India withdrew from the 1950 FIFA World Cup because the players did not want to play in shoes, but the reason is not very clear. Rumoured reasons also point to lack of money and All India Football Federation's lack of enthusiasm for FIFA.

Lalu Prasad Yadav's daughter Misa gave a lecture at Harvard.

In 2015, Former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad's Daughter shared a photograph of her addressing an audience at Harvard University. For all those who don't know the photograph is not fake but the fact that she gave a lecture there is false. Harvard Kennedy School Communications Department spokesperson made it very clear that she was a part of the audience.  

Milkha Singh did NOT look back in 1960 Olympics

Referred to as Milkha Singh's 'looking back moment' in the 1960 Olympics, the photograph that you see here is not real. Singh was never in the leading position, he was for few minutes but then ended fourth.