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180+ Countries And Still Counting, This Woman Wants To See The Whole World     

Madagascar, America, Russia, Europe, Africa and Antarctica and North Korea and... I lost the count of how many countries she has travelled in last 50 years. Name any country and this lady has a story to tell. She had this dream job, which only who are fortunate enough can bag. If you think you have travelled enough and need to settle a little, here's Meher Moos for you. A 70-year old who is racing against time for the ultimate destination that she still has to find.   A solo female traveller who has travelled to more than 180 countries. Hat's off to this lady! We can't even go out without booking a hotel and there she lived her whole life without any support. Landing to an unknown place where she meets unknown people and click!click!click! New friends found.  Read on to know more about her.    

How it all started? 

It was in 1965 when she was 20 and hired by Air India as a flight attendant. Dreamy, isn't it? That was the time when she started travelling to where ever her destination took her. Gradually, she developed the travel itch and thirst for exploring the farthest places of the world. And that was the time when she realised there was no stopping for her.      

The first step.

It all happened during a conference held by Air India in Srinagar, where Meher met Lars-Eric Lindblad, the man known for expedition travel. He was preparing for the first ever citizen-explorer expedition to Antarctica. This landed Meher aboard his ship to Antarctica. Damn! This was just the beginning.    Source

Her adventures.

From sailing in deep seas to discovering the Commando dragon, her journey from the start has been an ice breaker. Travelling from one corner of the world to another corner landed her in Iceland, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Myanmar. But there was more to be seen: Tunisia, Jordan, Brunei, Micronesia, Mozambique, Malawi - were all on her list. She recalls an incident where she was left stranded on a deserted island with tribals of that place and some other backpackers. "It was one hell of an adventure," she said.    

Her courage was tested many times.

She recalls that when she was about to head for Antarctica expedition, political turbulence in Africa made visas difficult. However, Meher managed to get her passport stamped. Her exploration of the battlefields of World War II or horrific sea adventures are examples of her fortitude and the surprises that were in store for her during tours.     

But what about the money?

Traveling or backpacking as we say, needs investments but Meher was fortunate enough to sail through this problem. Being an Air India employee, her major journey was through air passage for which she got discounts.    

You can learn everything from her.

"Money cannot buy happiness - it is about how you engage with people and the world." Her another message is: Learn from everything that is around you and never let the hope of chasing your dreams die. Geography books had been her friends and she gathered all the inspiration she could through them. "Backpacking with no plans lands you in the best of places and experiences. Element of trust is one of the key virtues all should inculcate," she once said.    

Her 3 Cs.   

Courage: Meher was aware of what she would encounter but when, how and when were still a big question mark. But she kept her spirits high and her will power strong.   Conviction: Her belief to do the unbelievable made her stronger.Confidence: Meher was never low on confidence and her passion to travel increased it further.  

She had lot of support. 

"This long journey of discovering a whole new personality of mine could never have been possible if my parents hadn't supported me", says Meher. At the time where women hardly took careers in aviation, she chose to be a flight attendant and later a solo woman traveller. She says her grandparents were her first inspiration. Parsi and still single, Meher Moos still leaves no chance of enjoying singlehood.    

Which country next?

“I want to go somewhere where no one else has gone before, where there is a danger but still interest. The more remote, the more inaccessible, the better." That is Meher Moos for you. A woman for whom age is just a number. She wants to add more passports to her already filled ones and cover more distances on the globe. Even with weak eyesight, a little trembling and spinal problems, a bright smile adorns her face whenever she is asked about her future plans.   Her video below reveals it all. 

Meher Moos video.