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15 Lesser Known Facts About Daler Mehndi That Make Him Indian King Of Pop

If we look at the success stories from the entertainment industry, they stand in stark contrast to each other. While some successful stars are born with a silver spoon, a few others make it to the top through sheer dedication, hard-work, and perseverance despite zero backing. One such name is Daler Mehndi, who reinvented and redefined the Indi-pop scene in the late 90s’ before going on to become a top musician in the country. Who would have thought that a Sikh boy born in Bihar would rule hearts of millions with his chartbusters and trailblazing attires? But it indeed happened, as Daler rose to prominence with hits such as ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra’ and ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’. He further stamped his authority by lending his voice to actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan on-screen. Today, he dons many hats being a musician, songwriter, author, record producer, performer, and environmentalist. But at the core of it, Daler remains the quintessential small-town boy, who inspired many like him to dream big and chase those dreams. In this listicle, we present to you 15 lesser-known facts about the singing wizard:

#1 Daler Mehndi is actually his stage name. 

Daler Singh who adopted Daler Mehndi as his stage name was born on August 18, 1967. Being a Sikh by religion, Daler was born in the land of Patna, Bihar.

#2 His parents were his Gurus

He hails from a family of musicians, who had been singing from generations now. Music inspired Daler since he was a child, coz music was in his genes and he was always fascinated by it. His Gurus were his own parents, who made him learn the ragas and Shabads from Shri Guru Granth Sahib. This implies that Daler was a star in the making, right from his childhood days.

#3 Left home at the age of 11

He was so intrigued by the Patiala Gharana Style of Indian Classical Music that he took an extreme step to satiate his urge of learning this form of Indian Classical Music. At the age of 11, Daler left his home and approached late Ustad Raahat Ali Khan Sahib of Gorakhpur to get trained by him. He stayed with music maestro for more than a year and took extensive lessons to learn the nuances of this style of music. 

#4 His first live performance at the age of 13 years

Daler is a born star. He was just 13, when he performed live for the first time, in front of an audience of 20,000. And then there was no looking back for him. In the year 1994, the Daler won the prestigious Voice Of Asia International Ethics and Pop Music Contest. He stood 2nd amongst 200 contestants from across the Globe. It took place at AziaDynasys in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He was titled as "the Most Original Sound Found in 3 Decades", then. His efforts resulted in Bhangra getting Global recognition for the first time ever.

#5 His debut album was a huge success

A Star rose in the year 1995. Daler's debut song Bolo Tara Ra Ra became a rage. More than 20 million units were sold over and he became the kingpin of a new genre of music which was labeled as 'Indi Pop.' This was just the beginning of Daler's success in the field of Indian music. 

#6 It was a success even outside Punjab

That wasn't it 'Bolo Tara Ra Ra' won him the Channel V’s Best Indian Male Pop Artist Award. The album was an unexpected hit because it was composed targeting the regional audience of Punjab, but was sold a record 250,000 Lakh units in Kerela within 25 days of its release.

#7 He was called a "1-album success"

After his first album received a huge success, many called Daler a '1- Album Success.' Proving all this criticism to be wrong, Daler's second album 'Dardi Rab Rab' and the third one 'Ho Gayi Teri Balle Balle' went on to become consecutive success and Daler created a Hattrick of Superhits. 

#8 He was part of 1st Indian video made on the Blue Screen Technology

Very few people know that his next creation 'Tunak Tunak Tun' brought laurels to his life. Daler became the only Asian artist to receive 80 million hits online. It was the first ever music video in India, which was made using the Blue Screen technology. Tunak Tunak won the prestigious RAPA Award, the Channel V Award, The Videocon Award, The Screen Award. 

#9 His song title in the Urban Dictionary

"Daler Mehndi not only created musical iconic, TunakTunak his super hit song gave the words TunakTunak a bona fide meaning. The Urban Dictionary defines TunakTunak as an intoxicating dance originating from the Indian artist Daler Mehndi. The song brings great joy to anyone and everyone who engages in the act of Tunaking. Daler Mehndi, India's celebrated Pop Icon, the creator of an EPIC 'TunakTunak' is synonymous with Dance, Bhangra, Contagious Energy and Power pitched Vocals." 

#10 He endorsed big brands like Coca-Cola

In the year 1998, Daler endorsed Coca-Cola. “This marks the beginning of a new era of Coca-Cola’s association with music. There are several similarities between Coke and Daler Mehndi. Together, our combination would not only whet the appetites of people but also awaken them to an entirely new experience with the exhilarating combination of Coke and Daler Mehndi” – said Donald Short, then CEO and President of Coca Cola India.

#11 He made foreign tours very early in his career

After his association with the Coca Cola brand, Daler embarked on an abroad tour, which paved his way to the hearts of the West. After his concert in Singapore, a journalist stated that "If Daler’s legs found a lawyer they would sue his pants off them. That’s the way Daler jigs around so frantically that it is almost infectious, like a ballerina on steroids.”

#12 He also is an environmentalist

Daler isn't just blessed with a great voice, he has a golden heart too. Along with a superb entertainer, Daler is a Philanthropist too. He launched the Daler Mehndi Green Drive in the year 1998. 'It’s the first NGO to be incorporated in the National Capital Region’s green campaign as well as the task force of Chief Minister of Delhi. Started in 1998, Mehndi has spent millions trying to get back the Capital its green lung. Though he may be far from achieving his goal, the semblance of the ‘go green’ movement visible in Delhi owes its origins to this man.'

#13 He strongly believes in charity

'He has also set up a Daler Mehndi Food for Life Society in ChanderVihar, Delhi, where a 24-hourkitchen provides food to the destitute and the underprivileged.'

#14 At least one super hit song every year

Coming back to his role of a singing sensation, after giving back to back hits to the Indian Music Industry. Daler holds a record of a superhit every year till date. Right from his debut album in the year 1995 till today, Daler has magnificently sung each song on his way. 

#15 When he teamed up with younger brother Mika Singh for the first time in two decades

They teamed up for the UK tour and their fans couldn't ask for more. They both are Punjab's shine and every music lover respects them for who they have become in the past few decades.So, all these facts surely prove him as the Indian King of Pop!Here's the video of his extremely popular and loved track 'Bolo Tara Tara.' We bet you couldn't resist dancing to the enchanting tunes of the song track.

Enjoy one of his most popular tracks:

This story couldn't be completed without the song Tunak Tunak. Don't forget to watch the video of it.Share the inspiring story with all your friends and make sure you dance to his songs.