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10 Most Expensive Dishes In India That Taste Better Than The Best

This is for all those who think India is just about lavish gold accessories, luxury cars and fantasy bungalows. But Indians, of late, have developed a habit of enjoying to eat expensive food.  American celebrity chef Paul Prudhomme once said,"You don't need a silver spoon to eat great food". But the food I am going to tell you about needs more than just a silver spoon. Yes, really! There are many restaurants in India that serve extremely expensive food. Some of them are costly because of the way celebrity chef cook, while some are valuable for letting their customer sit in a lavish place.  So, here is a list of 10 most expensive food items available at the most lavish places in India. Trust me, after checking this out, your exact expression would be, "Holy cow!"   

10. Rs 1,100 for Gold Plated Dosa at Rajbhog - Bangalore 

Yeah, you got it right, it is a Gold Plated Dosa. The makers add 24-carat gold vark over it and serve on a silver platter. Don't get shocked, it's just the beginning.     

9. Rs 2,250 for Grilled Pork Chop at Yuuka- Palladium, Mumbai

Yuuka is located at 37th floor and is managed by a renowned Japanese chef Ting. The average cost for 3 people at Yukka is Rs 16,000.  

8. Rs 4,000 for a Lamb at Vetro in Oberoi- Mumbai

Since lamb is one of the most expensive ingredients that are imported to India, charging this much amount is worth it.    

7. Rs 5,200 for Pecking Duck at CHI NI- New Delhi

Chi Ni, located at The Roseate New Delhi serves authentic Chinese cuisine. Its most famous dish is Pecking Duck. "A crackling Peking Duck is the mark of a good oriental restaurant, and Chi Ni wins with this," says GQ in a review.   

6. Rs 6,000 for Butter Chicken at Anaarkali- Hyderabad

Anaarkali's Butter Chicken is topped with black olives and coriander leaves. Made using the expensive Evian spring water, it comes in a Borosil container. The dish took 8 years to become perfect.   

5. Rs 8,500 for Angus T- bone Steak at Le Cirque - Leela Palace  

Angus T- bone Steak is the signature dish of Le Cirque. It is Asia's first Le Cirque and is designed by the famous Japanese firm, Design Spin Studios. Chef Sirio Macconi is the mastermind behind this idea.   

4. Rs 8,725 for Sushi at Wasabi - The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai 

This sushi is prepared by Japanese chef widely recognised as the Iron Chef aka Masaharu Morimoto. The average cost for two people at Wasabi costs Rs 12,000 plus taxes.    

3. Rs 9,999 for a 13-inch Pizza at The Qube- Delhi 

It isn't a normal pizza. It is topped with lobster from Canada, thyme-scented mascarpone and best Iranian Beluga caviar. The chef himself delivers the pizza to the customer. And when the truffle oil smell drowns in the surrounding, it makes the neighbours really jealous.   

2. Rs 1.5 Lakh for a meal for two at Chef's Studio by Taj - Mumbai

Walking on a red carpet to the dining room, with candles burning and personalised menu, the amount is worth it. The food is prepared in front of the customers in the attached kitchen. People can also interact with the mastermind Chef Hemant Oberoi.    

1. Rs 1.5 lakh for a 30 ml peg of Cognac at Library Bar- Delhi  

A bottle of Remi Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl costs Rs 14.5 lakh. I guess, it is obvious for a 30 ml peg to cost this much.  So, these were the 10 most expensive food items in India. But if you have some more foods that are more expensive, do let us know in the comments section.