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Manforce Introduces A Pickle-Flavour Condom And Indians Are Going Crazy

We Indians are fond of homemade things, aren't we? Our obsession with homemade food is only matched by our passion for cricket. Think about it, how often you hear people boasting just how delicious their homemade food is, the homemade daal, the sabzi, the pulav, the rajma chawal, all of them are to die for. But, this one homemade thing that every single Indian loves more than anything is something that Manforce decided to ruin.Enter this condom from Manforce. The company made sure that your next lovemaking session would have a desi touch as they thought it would be sensible to have khatta during lovemaking to avoid the trouble of your girlfriend craving it later. Naturally, the internet hasn't stopped trolling Manforce and we at WittyFeed bring you the best reactions. Want to know more about it? Scroll down!

Not for the first time, there's a weird condom in the market

Some condom companies decide to go the extra mile by introducing unusual flavors. But weed? Come on! 

First Durex introduced this

A condom flavor no one asked for, you'd expect Manforce to match that, won't you? Well you are right!

Manforce launched "achaari" condoms 

They asked us to get our lovemaking go 'Desi and Sexy'.

Irony alert!

India is full of ironies, perhaps this is biggest of them.

Kareena has a say in this too! 

We hope it isn't mirchi ka aachar. 

'Achaar, swaad anusaar"

So Sanjeev, tell us what's your favorite flavor?

After spicy lovemaking

She'll definitely need more than that.

Dear Britishers

You were very atyachaari to us!

Please don't ruin kurkure!

Too late, they did it for us.