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10 Signs Which Prove That Something Is Not Right Between You And Your BFF

Your best friend is yours, no matter what, even after all the fights, you two just cannot leave each other, 'cause 'you two' are meant to be TOGETHER. There are no comparisons to your bonding and the rapport that you share. When you look at each other, the communication that you have, only with eyes, leaves others bewildered and often envying your friendship.But what annoys and haunts us is when our best friend is in no mood to talk, because of a misdeed and the fear of losing the one. Best friends are the ones whom we annoy the most, whom we abuse the most and also the ones in whom we confide the most. They are our go-to persons whether in times of happiness or panic. Just like Jai-Veeru, Hum-Tum or even Circuit-Munnabhai, friendships evolve over time, but they are meant to last a lifetime.And let me tell you, friendship is like wine, it gets better with age.Phew! With this, we get to you some of the ways you can figure out how your best friend is feeling. 

#1. When you are devoid of this happiness!

Dude, let me tell you, this is a sign of danger when your friend does not intend to talk to you and also tries to ignore you. Friends are such folks who cannot stay unconnected from each other for long. So, go, talk it out.

#2. When there are late replies.

While you are texting and there are late replies, this implies that there is something wrong. Maybe, that person is busy, but s/he can inform you of the conditions. 

#3. When there is cancellation of plans from their side. 

It is darn annoying when friends ditch at the last instant. When plans get cancelled without proper reason, it is heartbreaking, and it may be one of the signs of a problem.

#4. When your friend is on a lookout for others.

An alarming sign for you to rejuvenate your friendship as another person is on a lookout for options. Dude, tie your shoestrings and buckle up to save your friendship.

#5. When your friend acts grumpy whenever you talk.

You try to sort things out, but the other person is in just no mood for it. Constant nagging is there, leaving you irritated.

#6. There is a constant irritation every time you guys talk. 

The result of every conversation is a fight between the two of you. The more you try to pacify, the greater it gets. So, simply just try and make the person happy, looking into what s/he desires at the moment. 

#7. There is sarcasm everywhere.

An answer to the simple question, 'How are you?' is responded with 'Fine', while there is nothing near to fine. If you are bombarded with sarcasm every now and then, just run to save your friendship.

#8. You simply go and ask, because you have all the rights to do so.

And your best friend will have to answer whatever you ask, and you will not leave them till they answer all you want to know. Exercise your rights, folks. 

#9. You ask your 'best friend' to play a song for you.

This sign is a sure-shot hint towards their mood and how they are feeling for you. Listen to their choice here and pave your way to their mood, uplifting it.  

#10. The choice of hangout.

Just ask the person where s/he wishes to go. If it is a disc, a cafe then the mood is cool, but if it is a quiet place or the answer is a straight 'NO', then there is some issue, which needs to be sorted ASAP!We hope these signs will help whenever your best friend is grumpy.Good luck!