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9 Indian Short Films That Deserve Your Attention More Than Big-Budget Bollywood Movies 

A month or a fortnight before a big-budget movie is released in Bollywood, the activities and events to promote the film take place aggressively and end till the movie hits the theatres. In fact, any film, which has made an investment of Rs 100 crore makes it to the headlines much much before its release. And such films create a lot of buzz among the audience.  The hype created before movie's release makes the fans to eagerly wait for the film to get screened. And while waiting for big-budget films, we tend to ignore the small budget films, which actually deserve to reach more and more audience. These short films with an impeccable script and superb cast gain popularity only among movie buffs.  WittyFeed brings you a list of some fantabulous short films, which were made in 2016, and had a strong message to convey.    Take a look.  

Interior Cafe Night

Interior Cafe Night depicts what every human being goes through in life. This 13-minute movie featuring Naseeruddin Shah, Shweta Basu Prasad and Shernaz Patel will make you relate to your life's tale.  


Produced by Tisca Chopra, Chutney takes you on an unexpected journey which eventually proves to be a tale of revenge. 

No Smoking

Made to create awareness in the society, No Smoking is a short film to support 'Quit smoking campaign.' Actors in the film are Sunny Leone, Deepak Dobriyal and Alok Nath. 

India Tomorrow

This power packed film by Imtiaz Ali conveys a message to the society. It makes people understand that anyone can bring a positive change and can achieve success in life.   

Mama's Boys

Have you ever thought of what would have happened if Pandavas, Draupadi and Kunti were a part of 21st century?  Take a look at this 16-minute short film to know about the modern age Mahabharata. 


This film is about every middle-class person out there. Taandav displays the problems and pressures faced by an honest police constable who dreams of getting his daughter, higher education. Manoj Bajpayee has simply nailed it in the role of a constable.   


This film is about a suave guy who enters a city transport bus after his swanky car breaks down and here's where he gets into the most beautiful phase of life.  


When you try to get into a love relationship outside marriage, you drag yourself in an ugly situation and then you end up spoiling everything. That's what Ouch! is about.  


'Kriti' is a suspense thriller that sends chills down the spine. Based around the character, Sapan, suffering from a psychological disorder, this 18-minute thriller is full of twists and turns and holds you till the end. I bet you won't be able to take your eyes off, once the movie begins.