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15 Horrible Times When People Died Playing Popular Video Games

Deaths are one of the most common things when you are playing a video game. As gamers, we have killed many villains and blasted off many galaxies. Whatever we do in a game is acceptable and is allowed. But sometimes these games can become the cause of deaths of real people in real lives.Many times we hear about different problems caused due to the addiction of video games like the end of relationships, no social life, obsession, and much more. Playing games is fun, but it certainly has a limit. When it starts to take control over a person's life or if a person starts connecting real life with games, it gets really very dangerous. Here we have gathered a list of deaths caused by video games.

1. The Blue Whale Game

You might have heard about this game because it has caused several deaths of teenagers in different countries all around the world. The game has 50 steps, and when you complete the 50th step, you are no more, and that's why it is referred to as suicide game. After finishing every step, the gamer is asked to make a cut on his hand and in the last step of the game is suicide.Recently, Indian media claimed that a 14-year-old boy from Mumbai, Maharashtra took his life by jumping from a building. His death has raised many questions about the popularity of this online game. It is a 50-day challenge where each day the player is given the task. The end of the game is death.

2. Microsoft Xbox Ghost Recon

In 2008, a man named Tyrone Spellman killed his 17-month-old daughter after she pulled a wire off his Xbox when he was playing Ghost Recon. Spellman was obsessed with the game and played nearly six to seven hours straight. He was sentenced for more than two decades in jail.

3. Dota

In February 2014, an 11-year-old boy from the Philippines was stabbed to death by his 16-year-old friend. The victim was stabbed more than 40 times for hacking of an online Dota account.

4. Berzerk

Berzerk was one of the early games that saw its first death in the year of its release. A young boy named Peter Burkowski died after continuously playing the game for a long time. The young boy died due to cardiac arrest. 

5. EverQuest

In 2001, a 21-year-old boy named Shawn Woolley committed suicide by shooting himself. The game was running on his computer, and his mother blamed the video game for the death because of his obsession.

6. Halo 3

A young boy named Chris Staniforth died because of a blood clot in his legs. Chris was known for playing long sessions. He died after playing the game for more than 12 hours.

7. Grand Theft Auto Vice City

In 2003 a man named Devin Moore played real life Grand Theft Auto Vice City. But he went on to actually kill two police officers of Alabama police station and a dispatcher after they caught him for stealing a vehicle.

8. FarmVille

Well, this is one of the most shocking deaths on the list. A woman killed her infant son after he interrupted her while she was playing the game FarmVille. During her gaming session, her boy began to cry, so in frustration, she began to shake him and in that the infant got a hit on his head during this incident. 

9. Manhunt Murder

A 17-year-old boy named Warren Leblanc murdered his friend Stefan Pakeerah who was 14 with a claw hammer. He claimed that he murdered his friend in the style of video game, Manhunt Murder.

10. Ingress

Frank Maxwell died during a late-night mission of the game Ingress. He drowned in Poolbeg Pier at 2:30 am. He went there to complete a mission. 

11. Pokémon GO

A young boy named Jerson Lopez de Leon from Guatemala was shot dead when he decided to break into a home in Chiquimula to catch one of the virtual animals.

12. World of Warcraft

A woman named Rebecca Colleen Christie got busy in playing the game and raising the virtual kid in the game that she forgot to feed her child. Her daughter died of malnutrition.

13. Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto has resulted in many deaths. One of those was in Louisiana when a 8-year-old boy killed his grandmother, Marie Smothers. The young boy was highly addicted to GTA IV and used its methods in real life.

14. The Legend of Mir 3

Qiu Chengwei stabbed his friend Zhu Caoyuan in the chest when he came to know that his friend has sold their virtual sword earned in the game Mir 3 for 7,200 Yuan.

15. Pirus Online

A woman and her husband neglected their child because they became busy in playing the game, Prius Online. They neglected their baby daughter and that's why she died of malnutrition.That's all, folks!