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10 Eye-Opening Laws In India That You Might Not Be Aware Of

Laws are an integral part of the smooth conduct in any organisation. They have to be abided by.But there are many of which we are unaware. There are many which not been talked about, much. There are many which are hidden under piles of dust, waiting to be enforced and exercised at the same time. The Indian community is still unaware of a number of rights that are bestowed upon it by its federal government. From rights for safety and facility for women to live-in relationships not being illegal, here we get to you some of the laws and rights that will make you a more informed citizen of India. Informed and empowered, you will be after this piece. Do thank us for this.Looking at the intricate and quite complex, that is the Constitution of India, we aim to give our audience an edge over others. We wish to have simplified some of the laws that you must keep in mind. Have an empowering read.

#1. One can use the washrooms and ask for drinking water in the hotels for free at any time. 

This has come under Indian Sarais Act, 1867 wherein any individual can demand the above two things for themselves and their pets.Source

#2. A woman cannot be arrested after the sunset and before sunrise. 

This has been done to curb harassment in the wee hours. The ruling by Supreme Court has stated this. This can be repealed only if police gets a written document as a proof of why they require arresting the woman at that time.Source

#3. A woman can lodge an FIR at any police station, irrespective of the place of crime.

And the police men cannot refuse. This was announced in 2013 by the Delhi Police and the investigation has to be done according to the statement of the woman.Source

#4. Women offenders can be arrested only by women officers and that too only between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This came under Section 51 in The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. This has to be done under strict privacy and decency.Source

#5. Women can file a complaint via an email or registered post to the Deputy Commissioner or Commissioner of Police.

According to the directions by Delhi Police, if a woman is unable to go to the police station then she can deploy the above-stated methods.Source

#6. Kissing or hugging in public is not a criminal offence.

This is suggested by the law, Section 294 of Indian Penal Code, which states that obscenity in public is a crime, but there is no hint towards kissing or hugging. So, the benefit of the doubt goes to us!Source

#7. Pregnant women cannot be fired from their jobs.

Maternity Benefit Act 1961 has stated that no woman can be fired from her job for no reason and pregnant women, not at all.Source

#8. A single man cannot adopt a girl child.

In 2011, the Ministry of Women and Child Development passed this ruling to keep adoption safer and cleaner.Source

#9. The law does not state that unmarried couples can be denied rooms in hotels.

The Hotel Association of India (HAI) states that there is no such rule to deny unmarried couples rooms in hotels.Source

#10. Live-in relationships are not illegal.

Also, children born out of live-in relationships have the right to parents' property. Although frowned upon in our country, this is predominant among the youth of the nation.SourceIn case we have missed out on any, you can mention them in comments below, we will surely include them.Definitely eye-openers, but some of them were jaw-droppers, too.Subscribe.