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9 Minimal Posters Illustrating Simplest Ways To Hack Happiness

Everyone in the world is looking for happiness. But, everyone in the world does not know that there are very simple rules to remain happy.  We tried to find few of them and are hoping that they will help you to stay happy!  

1. Begin your day with meditation.


Very well said by "Danny Kaye."

3. Don't live your present, regretting the past.

Accept things in life and move on with a smile.

4. The joy of helping others!

It gives you an immense feeling of satisfaction.

5. Never forget those who supported you for all that you are.

Say "thanks" for every little thing.

6. A healthy body is a happy body!

It will help you to secrete happy hormones.

7. Give time to your people!

Show them that you care.

8. Smile will make you forget all your pain.

So, keep smiling always!