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30 Weirdly Fascinating Health And Body Facts

A human body is very fascinating. There are many things which we as humans do not know about our health as well as body. A human body is a mystery, a life form that is adaptable, and an ever evolving biological phenomenon. With every new generation, we see some more exciting changes in the human body. It happens due to the changes in nature and environment of the Earth.There are so many amazing facts about human beings like a brain is active at night more than in the day, and the people who dream more have a better IQ. Just like these facts, there are so many other which you might not know but are true. It is really important to know about our body, so continue reading to learn about them.

So let us take a look at the most interesting facts.

The facts which are given in this story are really weird, and I even didn't know about most of them. So let us take a look at these facts and if you like them then pass it on to your friends.

A baby with a tooth.

Another interesting fact about babies is that they all have a different crying style which can be recognised after three days of their birth. 

Something important for men.

Sleeping is really important, so try to relax your eyes.

Kissing is better than a handshake.

One more interesting thing about our eyeballs is that they are a direct physical extension of the brain.

Jawbone is the reason behind people pulling trucks and planes with their jaw.

You may be wondering what a slug is? A slug is a small shell-less creature which does not have legs.

The brain is far away from pain.

Identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.

I am the one who can not see correctly.

Our retinas see the world upside down; it is the brain which flips the image for us.

We also have a repairing part.

Adrenaline which is released during smoking cigarette causes shallow breathing and increased heart rate.