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This Amazing Initiative Will Help You To Find The Hidden Talents Of Your Child

Parents, guardians have this question in their mind, "Is my kid genius?" Well, the answer to this question is, "Yes, every child is unique." Read this story to know what I mean.In 1983, Dr Howard Gardner, the professor of education at Harvard University, developed a theory of multiple intelligence. The theory suggested that judging the ability of a child on the basis of their I.Q. and marks scored in the examination is useless and limited. Instead, Prof Gardner came up with eight different types of intelligence that provided the broader range to judge children's potential and also that of adults.   The concept of multiple intelligence has been introduced to us through varied ways with the films like Taare Zameen Par in which Indian film actor Aamir Khan, plays the character of a teacher in a school who helps a student to explore his hidden talent which is certainly not an MBA or Doctorate degree. The child later becomes a great painter in the movie, because that was his hidden talent, and that is what Gardner calls - Spatial intelligence.    

1. "It is not about how smart you are, it is about how you're smart." - Gardner  

Gardner in his theory has introduced eight different types of multiple intelligence, and he thinks that every person possesses one of them. Those different eight types of intelligence are: 1. Logical/mathematical intelligence in which a child is number or reasoning smart.2. Linguistic intelligence is word smart.3. Spatial intelligence is visual smart.4. Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence is body smart.5. Musical intelligence is music smart.6. Interpersonal intelligence is people smart.7. Intrapersonal intelligence is self-smart.8. Naturalist intelligence is nature smart. Source: Wikipedia    

2. Most of you may remember what the great scientist Albert Einstein had once said: 

"Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." The same thing happens in our Indian education system. Today, students aren't any less than a fish, and we are judging them with their abilities to climb a tree of a high score in the examination.  

3. It is our responsibility to bring out talents of the kid.   

The competitiveness is so high in the society that we don't want to see our children progressing in a different field other than education. We forget that at first, it is our responsibility to help them understand what their hidden talents are and how they can be developed along with formal education.Ask yourself, what hidden talents he has? The idea is to see your child - 'As He Is.'    

4. Wondering what's the solution to this problem? 

Well, it is simple. An institute which is inspired by Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory has been opened in India for the first time. It uses the psychological techniques through different exercises that try to understand the hidden talents of your child. This could be considered God's gift or something that comes naturally to them.     

5. WittyFeed interviewed the Founder(s) of the Institute in an attempt to understand their idea behind the concept. 

ASAMI (As Am I) - Helps In Searching Self, is an institute that unearths your children's hidden talent. Founded by Mr Kapil Birthare in 2014 as an initiative program, it has taken the shape of an institute that's looking forward to revolutionising old-age education system of India.  When we asked Mr Kapil what inspired him, he said, "While teaching the students for IIT-JEE and other competitive exams, I found that there is a significant problem in the primary education of the students. And the students who weren’t academically good, were good in some field but lacked proper guidance.Therefore, I decided to come up with a programme like this, where we provide excellent exposure to the kids in diverse fields and identify their actual talents after observing them. Later on, after some research, we came to know that a theory called Multiple Intelligence already exists in Psychology which resonates with our thinking."      One of Mr Kapil’s students, Satyam, left his well-paying, high-profile job of a MNC as an IITian and joined the Institute. 

6. So, you might be wondering how this technique works? 

According to Mr Kapil and Satyam, their approach to work with their students is called a ‘THREE-C’s Approach,’ where each ‘C’ means; Curiosity, Critical Thinking and Creativity.Asami Institute is helping children to broaden their perspective towards life. Instead of imposing their thoughts (like schools do), Asami provides kids with an environment where they can learn from different exercises. At the end of the programme, a child finds a new best friend for life in his art that he discovered on his own.      

7. It is important to appreciate the efforts of Asami and think deeply. 

According to recent reports, at least one student commits suicide every hour. Our nation is the world’s highest suicide committing country, and what’s more shocking is that we’re losing these great, youthful and talented minds just because they couldn’t answer 20 questions in 100- number exam.  Imagine, how many musicians, painters, athletes, and authors we’ve lost without ever discovering them.  We are equally responsible for these losses, as we never let these great minds see their hidden talents. We rather haunted them day and night that their life will be wasted if they didn’t score good marks.   Things need to change, and we need to take actions now, or we’ll keep losing our beloved children and leaders of the future generation.   

8. A revolution in education, Asami brings the ray of hope. 

Mr Kapil, who has been part of the formal education system for almost 20 years, told WittyFeed that 'Asami Labs' helps the young generation to realise that they can be good in many things in addition to formal education they receive. Multiple intelligence exercises are designed in a way that helps to bring out the best-hidden talents in children. It can be life-changing.     

9. Artists and talent discovered at Asami are trained for future.

"If we need to understand ourselves better, it is important first to understand the nature and be grateful to the Lord."The most exciting part about learning and exploring yourselves at the Asami is that you get to connect with the world in a manner that will make you not only successful but also a good human being. As part of the exploration at Asami, children get to visit and meet underprivileged and disabled students who remind them to be grateful and understand that they have an added social responsibility on their shoulders to build the world which can be equal for everyone. On this note, Satyam said, "At the initial level of our programme, I remember that as part of our activities at Asami we took all the children to Deaf Bilingual Academy in Indore, India, where they spent some time with the kids." Another instance was, "When little kids donated newly purchased blankets to needy people during winter season last year. They had purchased those blankets with their earnings through selling a piece of their art," recalls Satyam. 

10. You can find more details here: 

If the idea of finding the hidden talent of your child inspires you, then you may visit here to know more about the concept. Or you may get the feedback about the program on Facebook and YouTube.That's all, folks! Subscribe