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Leaked WhatsApp Chats Between Indian PM Modi And American President Donald Trump

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and American President Donald Trump are scheduled to meet on 26th June i.e. today. It is one of the most anticipated meetings between the two world leaders that the whole world is eyeing.Ahead of their first face to face official meeting, Narendra Modi came out strong with his first speech in Trump's America at Virginia. In his address, while greeting Indian-Americans Modi stated that India had proved its power to the world when they conducted the surgical strike on the militant (terrorists) base in Pakistan. "We're disciplined, but can show power when needed," stated Modi.Ahead of addressing Indians, PM Modi met some top-notch officials of the 20 US companies, including Google's Sundar Pichai and Apple's Tim Cook.Now, how Trump will be taking this meeting forward will be interesting to see, as Obama and Modi's strong bond of friendship is celebrated around the world and Trump (who probably hates Obama) knows this very well.While there's still some time left before they'll finally meet; PM Modi and Trump started a FAKE chat group on WhatsApp and added Russian President Vladimir Putin to it (You know, where there's Trump, there's Putin). As we'd expect, when three dominating world leaders chat privately, things are bound to get dirty; and we've just grabbed them by 'P**sy.'

Hacked chats of Trump, Modi, and Putin!

What If? Indian Prime Minister Narendra would create a WhatsApp group with the name ''True friend Trump'' and adds busy Russian President, Vladimir Putin to it. What will happen then? Well, you don't need to imagine; because we've done that for you.Have a look!

It was the Indian Prime Minister Modi who created the group. 

Overwhelmed with Modi's gesture, Trump sent a Hello to the Indian PM. And as President Trump has been trolled for his emo faces, he used his picture to arouse the excitement in Modi.

As soon as Indian PM Modi saw those texts, he replied to President Trump.

Trump then asked Modi to see his recent tweet in which he referred to Modi as a True Friend.

But again, in his attempt to impress Narendra Modi, the President of the US failed as he didn't realize that 'True Friend' in his tweet has been plagiarized from their WhatsApp group's name only. And if you think Modi's these expressions were for Trump? You're wrong.

Indian journalist, Anirvan Ghosh had tweeted this in reply to Trump's 'True Friend' tweet.

Well, makes sense. But, what happened next after this is unbelievable.

Prime Minster Modi mistakenly tweeted this to President Trump.

Silent since a long time, Russian President, Vladimir Putin finally replied with two laughing emojis. It reflects his political agenda very well.

Trump, as we know dislikes Obama, got angry and threatened Narendra Modi to see Modi in the White House.

Seeing that things are getting out of control, Modi replied back with WWE wrestler John Cena's image stating "You Can't See Me."Well, we're not sure about Trump, but Indians can certainly not see their PM in India these days.

Putin, who was silent since a long time replied again with a laughter!

If there's anyone in this world who'd be tracking the talks and walks between Indian Prime Minister Modi and American President Trump, then it's no doubt, Russian President, Vladimir. He, I think enjoys disturbing the nations.

A massive comeback from Trump!

Trump nailed the conversation with his huge question. Any real Indian would hate to answer this question.

Narendra Modi got angry and replied back to Trump.

Well, Virat Kohli's team may have lost to Pakistan and kept silent about it, but Modi is not one of those. He has represented India as a strong nation in all his overseas tour.

Changing the topic, Modi asked Trump this...

Trump didn't like someone giving this much respect to Melania because even he doesn't care about her, and it was visible in this video that came from Israel.

Narendra Modi then asked Trump if he has invited Putin as well?

Oops, Modi didn't see that cuming (I mean coming*).

Russian president Putin didn't like that, and replied with this:

Hahaha. Putin couldn't get any better than this. His reply was epic!

Putin left after making another shocking announcement in the group.

And self-obsessed President Trump called it a FAKE NEWS!

Whereas, Narendra Modi laughed off at his troll meme picture. Well, at least he's not lying in the WhatsApp conversation (we hope).

When Narendra Modi was CM (Chief Minister) of Gujarat (an Indian state), he wasn't allowed to enter the USA.

Trump jokingly asked Modi about his passport and visa. Unaware of this joke, Modi replied with all hs attitude at once "I'm PM (Prime Minister)... not a CM (Chief Minister).

As it happens, first Putin, and then Trump left Modi alone in the group he created (if you know what I mean).

These aren't the perfect time for Prime Minister Modi to visit the US, as the weather conditions in Russia, America and India aren't at their best (if you'd know again what I mean). We hope this climate change won't affect their relationships.Let's see what happens when Modi meets True friend Trump.Note: This WhatsApp conversation is created at WittyFeed studio. These are not real chats and they do not claim to have any resemblance with real incidences.That's all, folks!Subscribe