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Ten Of The Deadliest Hurricanes In The History Of The World

Hurricanes are the worst kinds of disaster anyone can come across. They destroy life, cause massive loss of property and the worst of all is that they snatch away faith from human beings. They are devastating, and it takes years to build the area like it was before. Also, the people who survive them cannot accept the fact that they could do nothing, and it sweeps away their loved ones just like that.

1. Sandy, 2012

Regarded as the second-costliest disaster, super-storm Sandy was the deadliest hurricane of 2012. It affected Canada, eastern parts of U.S. and Jamaica.

2. Mitch, 1998

Mitch was a slow-moving hurricane formed in 1998 and it had hit Central America. Many lives were lost and it caused a lot of destruction in spite of being slow.

3. The great hurricane of 1780

This is the deadliest Atlantic hurricane on record. It bombarded several Caribbean islands, including Barbados, Martinique and St. Lucia and is considered to be the deadliest hurricane of all time.

4. Katrina, 2005

The storm caused destruction along the Gulf Coast affecting Florida and Texas in 2005. But mainly, it affected New Orleans, Louisiana which had a significant number of deaths. This was the costliest natural disaster.

5. 1935 Florida Keys labor day hurricane

It was regarded as the strongest and the most intense hurricane that caused landfall in the U.S. The main region that was mostly affected was Florida.

6. Gilbert, 1998

A widespread destruction was caused in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean region. It occurred in 1988 and was known to be the worst cyclone ever.

7. Camille, 1969

Camille was a tropical cyclone and it had hit the coast of Mississippi, U.S. in 1969. It also caused landfall resulting that took away many lives.

8. Galveston hurricane of 1900

This hurricane mainly hit Texas. It is considered to be the second-deadliest storm that struck U.S.

9. Hugo,1989

In 1989, one of the most fearsome storms had hit the southeast U.S. and Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico.

10. Andrew,1992

Andrew is known to be the costliest hurricane in the history of U.S. It occurred in August 1992 and affected The Bahamas, Florida and other parts of southern U.S. but mainly damaged southern Miami.