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Ever Wondered Why MS Dhoni's Bat Is Even More Expensive Than Kohli's  

Every millennial’s obsession with a cricket bat started when probably around the age of 10-12 he/she saw Sachin Tendulkar with the iconic MRF bat, the red grip, the red MRF sticker and the destruction that Sachin used to do with it. Then Sachin changed to the Adidas’ version of a Sachin Tendulkar bat and with it, our obsession for bats ended.And then came Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Dhoni came and took the world cricket by storm thanks to his power hitting, his huge arsenal of shots, particularly the helicopter shot. MS Dhoni arrived at the world scene and with him, our obsession for bats returned. Who can forget the iconic black RBK bat he used to rock. The kids on the streets once again had an idol, and once again someone whose bat was synonymous with the player.After Dhoni came Kohli and it's befitting that Sachin’s successor uses the same MRF bat. But have you ever wondered just how much do their bats cost? Scroll down to know more.

Virat Kohli 

Kohli aside from having dashing good looks is perhaps the world’s best batsman and the world’s best batsman demands the best quality bat. But what are the specifications of his bat and what is the price? Click next to know more.

Willow: English willow

Virat Kohli uses an English willow bat, which is the finest quality of willow. As the name suggests, it's obtained from old trees in England, which provides just the right combination of strength, durability, and weight, ideal for a world class cricketer like Kohli.

Age of the wood: 8-14 years

Whenever you look at a piece of wood, the number of rings denote the age and one line (on the bat) is referred as one grain. So the bat Virat Kohli uses has usually 6-12 grains, considering 2-3 grains are lost during the carving process, the age is around 8-14 years.

Handle and weight

Kohli prefers a handle in his bat that delivers the maximum flexibility while giving great control so that he can execute his wrist flicks perfectly. Kohli’s bat weighs around 1100-1200 grams, which isn’t considered very heavy in cricket.


Just like any cricketer would tell you, here a thick edge along with a curved blade is used, very common and Kohli's bat is no exception.

Profile and price

Kohli’s bat is beautifully weighed which enables great balance while opening the face of bat while playing a shot. A bat like this would cost around Rs 17000 – 23000, the higher the grain, the more expensive the bat.

And how much is Virat Kohli paid for using MRF sticker?

Virat Kohli pockets Rs 8 Crore for just using the MRF sticker on his bat! Indeed he lives an envious life. Now coming to captain cool.

So what are the specifications of MS Dhoni's bat?

Dhoni to complement his power hitting style also demands a special bat which isn’t very commonly used in cricket. His bat is named as Spartan MSD 7 Limited Edition and here are the exact specifications of it.

Willow: English Willow

Dhoni like many other cricketers uses the finest quality English willow. He uses the Grade A/Grade 1 quality which is the highest in that regards.

Age of the wood: 10-16 years

Dhoni’s bat ranges from having 8-12 grains in it. So if we do the math, the age of the willow used is between 10-16 years.

Handle and Weight

Speaking in terms of handle, Dhoni uses the common 9 piece cane handle, nothing fancy there. While the bat weighs around 1180-1250 grams, a bit towards the heavier side.


Here’s where the magic happens! Usually, cricketers prefer a bat where it is thicker towards the end but MS Dhoni prefers a bat with constant maximum edge profile running from toe to shoulder. So that’s the magic recipe behind the iconic helicopter shot.

Profile and Price

Because his bat is tailor made for power hitting and the thick edges, his bat costs more than that of Virat Kohli and is priced around Rs 24000 or $357.12.