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LFC Transfers: Salah's Medical Test Date Is Finally Revealed

Finally, Liverpool fans can breathe a sigh of relief as their first signing of the season is imminent is if everything goes according to the plan, could be announced by the end of this week. Liverpool are finally in Europe this season and would be looking to hoist that flag as high as Bill Shankly or Rafa Benitez did that in yesteryear and with Jurgen Klopp spearheading the club, there are exciting times ahead.For once Liverpool fans are more focused on the future than fixated on the past and there's only one man to blame and that is Klopp. Klopp's ruthless ambition has proved to be the magic wand and he's loved by every kop supporter simply because they know there's a man at the helm who'll do anything to make Liverpool's dream come true. Coming to Salah, it was already revealed that his agent was in London to finalize talks and now a medical date has been set too. Scroll down to know more.

Champions League

For the second time in eight years, Liverpool managed to make it into European elites and would love to stay there. For that, they'll have to spend money and Klopp is doing exactly that as Anfield is prepared for the most historic summer when it comes to spending. 

The charismatic one

Jurgen Klopp's charisma has spread like a wildfire and the fans are absolutely loving it. His passion, dedication and the obvious will to win has made him a local hero and with new tools like Salah, he's set to enjoy an amazing run in Europe. Click next to know more

Mohamed Salah

Someone who has been on Liverpool's radar since 2014 is finally set to sign for them which is a great news if that's a sign of things to come. Other players like Douglas Costa, Naby Keita etc could be taking notes and plotting their move to Anfield exactly like Salah.

What will he bring to Liverpool?

Salah would be an ideal target to Jordan Henderson's long diagonals which would be perfect in Europe as Liverpool would be looking to spread opponents in the huge Anfield pitch to their advantage. Did you know there was a price warfare going on for him? Click next to know more. 

Previous bid

Initially, the bidding warfare started when Liverpool submitted a £28 million bid for the midfielder which AS Roma immediately rejected saying that they want £35 million for the midfielder.

New Bid

Liverpool submitted a new bid of £35 million, meeting the demands of AS Roma but once again Roma increased the asking price to £40 million. Now they have accepted a bid finally, click next to know more.

Agent in London

Salah's agent Ramy Abbas Issa dropped a huge hint on Snapchat when he posted this image of him driving through the streets of London.

Accepted bid

According to Egyptian football news source KingFut, Roma has finally accepted a £39.3m bid for him.

Medical on Tuesday

According to KingFut, Liverpool's new bid has been accepted and the player will travel to Liverpool on Tuesday to undergo his medical. We hope he signs for Liverpool soon.

Check out his skills.