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In 22 Years, 28 Lbs Shit Piled Up Inside This Man & It Took 3 Hours To Remove It

When was the last time you pooped? A weird question, right! Today, you’ll be reading about a rare disorder which doesn’t allow to you poop at all. Imagine that one day you wake up and are not able to pass any stools from that day onwards. It's the digestive system that makes sure that whatever you eat is digested and the remains which are of no use to your body are excreted. When the system does not work in the manner described then you face problems like constipation. Recently, we came across a Chinese man's life story who did not poop properly since his birth. The man didn't want to disclose his identity, but we bring to you all the other details. The doctors had to take the accumulated excreta out of his body through a surgery conducted on June 8, 2017. So, how did it happen and what’s the cause behind it? We’ll tell you all.

Hirschsprung's disease

A person’s colon (rectum), the lower end part of human body’s digestive tract has few nerves since his/her birth. These nerves play a significant role in passing out faeces. However, in the absence of them, the faeces keep piling up there and create a blockage. This blockage leads to what the young man suffered from.   

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC)

On the disease’s increasing intensity, the bowel can be affected by an infection called NEC. It is often congenital and is developed right from the time a child is born. The symptoms, however, are obvious when the kid reaches an age of one or two years.

The Chinese man

The 22-year-old, who happened to be suffering from the same disease didn’t quite understand it until recently when he got the surgery done at Tenth People's Hospital of Shanghai in China.

30 inches long

After the surgery, the faecal matter which was taken out by the doctors weighed almost 28 pounds. Although the sufferer had been taking laxatives to gain some relief his appearance saw some significant changes.

9-month pregnant

Dr Yin Lu and other doctors who performed the surgery on him said that he looked no less than a person who was 9 months into a pregnancy.

One in 5000

There are only one in 5000 of a chance that you might be affected by the disease yet there is no diagnosis made as to what causes the disease or any kind of symptom.

Dark poop

After birth, a kid passes dark excreta which is defined as Meconium within the next 48 hours. The absence of this dark poop can be considered as a symptom of Hirschsprung's disease.

Not genetics

Though it is congenital, the disease is not caused because of something which the child’s mother did before her/his birth. There is a chance that Hirschsprung runs in the family.

 A surgery known as Stoma is performed in severe cases where a small hole is created in the abdomen which helps in diverting the excreta to a pouch. The pouch then collects all the diverted excreta.

Red flags

Though it is developed in people when they are mostly in their infant stage and the causes have also been unclear so far. Here are a few red flags you can look for, to understand whether a person is suffering from the said disease of not - swollen stomach, gassy, diarrhoea and throwing up green fluids.

After surgery

The surgeons said that after they removed all the faecal matter which had been deposited for years now, they sealed the gut from both sides.

Common in males

Lastly, it is also said that males are more likely to be affected by the disease and a surgery is must in order to get rid of it.Liked it, then share it and make sure you keep receiving similar kind of stories. Subscribe!