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15 Things You Do When You Are Alone

Being alone for a long time starts to get on your nerves. You become a different person. People start calling you a crazy lunatic. But hey, it's okay to feel and think like this when you like to be alone.

1. Let's rock it

You try to do something which you never did and it seems to work well for you.

2. The time of your life

You have a hell lot of fun goofing around.

3. I'm the boss now

Enjoying the freedom during alone time is what you've always craved for. Now you can have it all!

4. Not my cup of tea anymore

You gradually start to feel uncomfortable being alone.

5. Ninja Time

Creaky voices possess your worst nightmare. You tend to become more alert.

6. It's a dark place, my friend

Your mind doesn't remain a safe place anymore.

7. All Alone

Everyone is busy and you feel unwanted.

8. I was wrong

You start to remember every person you fought with and start feeling sorry.

9. Depressed and lonely

Signs of depression start to set in and you end up feeling miserable.

10. No Talking Mode

You just feel like you don't want to talk about anything anymore. You avoid talking to people too.

11. Wide Awake/Sleeping all the time

Either you are wide awake or sleepy. There is no in between.

12. Only You Can Save Me Now

Pills become your new best friend. You either take them to relax your mind or to get some sleep.

13. Internet makes you unhappy

You begin to spend all your time on the internet and it makes you more frustrated.

14. Big time Stalker

You tend to develop stalker tendencies and it makes the matter worse.

15. Hello to swear world

You start to swear a lot and you blame everyone and everything for what's happening in your life.