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After Messi, Ronaldo Could Land In Trouble And Here’s The Reason 

Cristiano Ronaldo has had a sensational season even by his own sensationally high standards! Ronaldo won the La Liga title with Real Madrid and scored two of Real’s four goals in the Champions League final past Buffon to secure Real Madrid’s 12th Champions League title while making them the only team which successfully defended the Champions League crown.Coming to the comparisons with Messi, it seemed that Ronaldo has lost the battle when Messi won four Ballon d'Ors in a row but Ronaldo isn’t someone who stays behind for far too long. Ronaldo won 3 more Ballon d'Or titles since then and caught up with Messi in that regard.Recently, Spanish Court revealed that Lionel Messi was to be found guilty of tax evasion charges and saw up to 2 years of prison sentence. Looks like whatever Messi does, Ronaldo strives to beat that. Even in the matter of tax evasions! Now the latest revelation suggest that he could leave Spain!Scroll down to know more.

Newspaper says he could leave spain

As it is mentioned that he 'wants to leave Spain & decision is irreversible’ but what exactly compelled him to make this decision? Click next to find out.


Perhaps the greatest footballer ever and definitely the most talent footballer to ever grace the game had a dark moment in his career and indeed personal life when the Spanish court declared him guilty of alleged tax evasion charges. Indeed a dark spot on a truly illustrious and remarkable career.

Messi's dad

Along with Messi, his dad Jorge was also pressed for tax evasion charges alongside his son was found guilty of the same.

Verdict on Messi's case

The Spanish high court jailed Messi along with his father for 21 months and levied an extra penalty for taxation charges.

Prison sentence unlikely

According to Spanish law, any prison sentence less than 24 months i.e. two years can be compensated for by the guilty party in many forms such as community services, part payments etc.This means Messi and his dad will not go to prison but won't escape the cash penalty.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Following Messi’s lead, Ronaldo is another one who is being accused of tax fraud just days after he helped Real secure that historic 12th Champions League title.

Champions League winner

In an amazing display of efficiency, Real put 4 goals past Juventus and conceded only one in response making them Champions but Ronaldo, the Crown Jewel rom that night could land in trouble for his tax evasion charges.

Tax evasion charges

In a statement, according to The Mirror, Madrid's regional state prosecutor accused Ronaldo of four accounts of tax fraud from 2011-14. It read Ronaldo "took advantage of a business structure created in 2010 to hide from fiscal authorities income generated in Spain from image rights."

Allegedly hidden his income

The statement said Ronaldo used what it deems a shell company in the Virgin Islands to "create a screen in order to hide his total income from Spain's Tax Office."The prosecutor also said that Ronaldo "intentionally" did not declare income of 28.4 million euros made from the cession of image rights from 2015-20 to another company located in Spain.

Hid his real income

Additionally, the prosecutor accused Ronaldo of declaring 11.5 million euros earned from 2011-14 in a tax return filed in 2014, when the prosecutor said Ronaldo's real income during that period was almost 43 million euros.