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Sophi Eber: The Cancer Survivor Inspiring Thousands Of People With Just One Photo

A picture/photograph of a 7-year-old cancer survivor named Sophi Eber is going viral on social media and the internet. It all started when her (Sophi’s) parents decided to post a picture on Reddit of their little daughter in last week. Sure the fact that Sophi is a cancer survivor is amazing in its own right, but just why is one photograph of the small girl, who survived the dreaded disease, going so viral internationally? What about this one picture makes it special enough to stand out so much amongst thousands of images posted daily on social media (and the internet)?Read on to find out more about the pic of the young cancer survivor that is said to be inspiring thousands of people the world over.(Please note that a few of the images used in this article are for illustration purposes only, although the majority depicts the actual persons mentioned).


Please note that I in no way, means or form try and claim any credit for the images of Sophi Eber, and her family that have been used in this article. I acknowledge the fact that they (the photographs) are the sole property of Sophi Eber and her parents, Bethany and Zac Eber. The photos were taken directly from the Sophi Strong page on Facebook, the link of which I shall share at the end of this article.

Sophi's story 

When young Sophi Eber began kindergarten she was already suffering from stage IV neuroblastoma and fighting for her life.

Cancer free

However, a year later and after many hellish treatments, Sophi is happily cancer free! With a full head of hair to boot!

Not out of the woods

According to a report by KTLA5 News, Sophi is not out of the woods just yet and her chances of having a similar relapse are quite high. She (Sophi) will have to undergo cancer tests and screenings every three months for the next five years, but she is not letting this fact dampen her high spirits though!

The famous and viral picture

On Sophi’s last day of Kindergarten, her teachers Emily Herod and Becky Adler took the now famous and viral photograph of Sophi, who was holding another image of herself that was taken on the first day of the school year. In the image depicting Sophi on the first day of school, you can clearly see the effects of her cancer ailment; yet the optimism and hope shines in the child’s eyes regardless.

Her parent's decision 

As stated in opening, Sophi’s parents decided to share the above-mentioned photo with the world on Reddit, in order to spread some hope and positive vibes.  According to The Miami Herald, people who look at the photo now do indeed see joy, and nearly 2.500 comments have been posted in reply to the posting; one of which reads: “Thanks for this inspiring message today and reminding me that there is light in this world”.

A video of Sophi's story 

Above is a video clip version of Sophi’s remarkable story.

A personal message in closing 

Stories like the one of Sophi above just serves to remind us daily how precious life is and how no matter what we are facing or going through personally, we can always remain positive and greet others with a smile.Remember friendliness costs nothing and a smile is a free gift we can bless others with daily.Debbie Nel(Subscribe)(Image Credit: Sophi Strong 2017)