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21 Things That Every Dad Should Teach His Son To Make Him A Better Person In Life

"Any man can be a father, but it takes something special to be a DAD"- AnonymousDad is the first person that a child interacts with especially if the child is a son. Dad is actually the first person that a son wants to be growing up. And as a dad, it is your responsibility to make your son a better person in life.Frankly, every dad wants his son to be successful in life but before all that one should become a person who deserves it. And it is every dad's responsibility to help him in becoming the one. I know parenting is a tough job and nobody is perfect from day one but to help you with it, here are 21 things that you as a DAD should teach your son. 

Failure will come!

"Don't ever let somebody tell you... You can't do something. Not even me. All right?"- The Pursuit of Happyness (2006).Failure is a part of success, and your son will have to face that at some point in his life. It maybe his exam results or anything for that matter, but you are the one he looks up to, be gentle and make him realise that exams are the important but poor result is not the end of the life.

Backup someone.

Your son should have that one person who he will have backed up no matter what goes wrong in that person's life. He will help him in every situation. 

Love bike.

"Have fun, be active. Ride a bike instead of driving."Teach him how to ride a bike and not only how to ride a bike but how to take care of it. This thing will actually make him more responsible in life. 

Take him camping.

Take him camping, this will not only help you in making your bonding better, but he will learn a lesson of being independent in his life. He will share his views on how he feels about different things in life but will also make him realise that he have someone to talk.

Teach him how to cook.

Teach him how to cook, not to make him a chef but to help him in surviving when he head out in the real tough world. Cooking is actually a life skill, also a kid who cooks is more confident and responsible in life.  

Dress like a pro!

Teach him some dressing sense, psychologically dressing better helps in boosting confidence. Also, a well-dressed person puts up a great impression on others too.Also, the key is not just to dress like a gentleman but be a gentleman. Teach him basic etiquettes like pulling the chair for a lady, holding the door for someone in a restaurant.

Be a safe drinker.

Drinking is not good, I understand, but I think any kid in the 21st century is going to do it anyway. But make sure you make him realise all the pointers about alcohol and thing. Be a good dad and be friendly. 

Teach him pro driving.

Teach him how to ride a car and more over how to be a safe driver. This lesson will make him more confident in life. Being a pro driver will improve his concentration power too.

Fight the evil!

Teach him how to fight moreover teaches him why not to fight. Make sure he become a man who knows how to step up against anything wrong but also make sure he is not bullying people around. He will learn to distinguish between right and wrong things in life.

How to light a fire?

Again another life skill which will help him in surviving through a difficult situation. Obviously, in the 21st century, he might not need it, but this kind of skills are always great to have. Also, lighting a fire teaches patience. 

Gentlemen handshake.

Handshake kind of reflects confidence. Teach him how to handshake with other people and the various technics of it. Make sure he has tons of handshake technics available for different occasions. A firm handshake and look them into eyes. 

Master an instrument.

Learning any form of music needs a lot of patience and discipline. Make him a master of at least one musical instrument. Music also makes a person confident and calmer in life.


Teach him how to lead people. Being a leader, he will develop qualities like more confident, responsible, decision maker, etc. A leadership quality will also make him more strong in tough situations of his life. 

Invest money

Teach him the importance of money. I am not saying ask him to save money all the time but saving a little part of his pocket money will help him realise the happiness and pride of having some money in tough times.Also, make sure to make him understand that money is not everything in life, and there are certain things that should be placed before that. 

Sometimes it is better to say NO!

"You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say NO."Teach him to say 'NO'. He will be facing tons of dilemma in his life where he will need to turn down a few things, make sure he learns to get out of these dilemmas. 


Swimming is one of the life skills that everyone should possess and so should your son. 

Tie a tie!

Not a big deal, but a skill your son should possess. And it is better if it comes from you rather than the internet. 

Dogs are love!

Teach him to be firm with animals after all they have a life and emotions. Also, if you don't have a problem gift him a pet or something and ask him to take care of them, this will make him strong enough to deal with emotions and responsible towards his time and stuff.

Teach him how to live!

"One who lives sees much. One who travels sees more."Saying again, money should be important for your son but not everything at the same time. Make sure he gets the basics right. Teach him to spend on experience rather than on anything because experience creates memories and good memories make a person calm and happy.

Trust is always earned. 

Teach him that no matter what, he first has to prove himself before asking for anything in life. Life is going to be hard, and it is just him at the end of the day to make it better. He has to gain the people's trust and to maintain the same. 

Words are everything.

A man is all about his words and nothing without it. Be strict when it comes to him making promises and keeping it. This will make him the man of his words.