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10 Things We All Can Expect On President Donald Trump's Birthday

On June 14, 2017, if anyone asks you "where's the biggest party in America?" Well, just point your hands to the White House. Yes, there will be no other party in the USA on June 14, that could beat the fantastic list of guests, food, gifts and extravagant arrangements.Already, the oldest president of the US, Donald Trump, will be celebrating his 70th birthday and his first as the President of the US. When it's the birthday of a billionaire Trump, things are bound to get tricky even when on the right tracks. The whole world is excited to know what might happen on his birthday. Well, Melania Trump is busy in getting a birthday card signed by Trump's supporters (we hope it'll get more than 09 signatures). And Ivanka, like a good daughter, is planning a surprise gift for her papa. Now, before your imagination's flight is getting all prepped for a takeoff to visit the clouds of expectation, WittyFeed's monorail is here to tell you what the world expects on President Donald Trump's birthday.Let's have a look! 

1. The first in the list of guests is...

Nopes, it's not the Russian President Putin. How could you get this one wrong? The first one to arrive at the White House (possibly) on Trump's birthday would be controversies. Don't you remember? Trump is controversy's favourite child.Remember how she (controversy) was the first to wish President Trump the best of luck on his travel ban plans? Or on the day when Trump had revoked the guidelines on Transgender bathrooms. She followed President all the way to FBI office when FBI Director James Comey was fired for verifying that Trump used Russia to win the elections. Certainly, those were the days... We feel controversy with all her children is going to join Trump on his 70th birthday.

2. And when Trump parties, the world will join in its way...

Okay, so it's a worldwide known fact that whenever Trump has smiled, the world has come out on the streets to celebrate (only if you could understand me). Not just one, two or three times, but it has been repeated more than 15 times since he has become the president.Just to name a few significant moments, Women's march was organised in Washington D.C. at the time of his inaugural event, #NotMyPresident rally against him ran all the way to morning in NYC as soon as he was announced the winner in the elections.So, it cannot be denied that people might have a surprise visit planned to the White House. One of the most common thing that anyone would expect on Trump's birthday, isn't it?

3. The man himself would come in front to entertain the guests.

Don't ask me when did the last time President Trump had given an epic, classic, legendary, and 'all-adjective-used' speech. People have always loved his overenthusiastic, overpromising speeches. We even noticed him practising for the one, and how can we forget the love he had received a day before the inaugural address event.It's a special day for him, and people are awwly (awfully) waiting for him to deliver another epic speech on his birthday.

4. After the speech, there will be dance, party, food (as usual).

Look, I know you've seen this picture of Trump dancing like a million times already, but that's what Trump is all about. He could surprise you with the same thing again and again and again.

4.1 Trump at his birthday party in 1990.

No matter how old he is, Trump either will be the same old-brat billionaire guy who proudly celebrates his birthday, or we could see him (least expected) doing absolutely nothing special on this great day; as his wife, Melania, had spent her day in replying thanks to the tweets she received on April 16.

5. Another thing that we can surely expect on President Trump's birthday.

Storm of GIFs and Memes. If you'll see his record in the past, on an average, Trump has given this world one or a two gifs/memes each day. The social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook may flood with Trump jokes, memes, and gifs on his special day. And only God knows, what he might tweet on that day.

6. Aren't you missing celebrities' reactions on Trump's birthday?

Well, history is the evidence. Hollywood celebrities have their views and opinions about Trump. After all, most of them share an unbreakable bond with him on social media platforms. And our celebrities may not reply to their fans, but they do not miss a single chance to get in the conversation with Trump.So, what kind of star reaction can we expect on Trump's birthday? Let's have a look!

When someone will ask Kanye West, aren't you invited?

Kanye? you should've seen the episodes of keeping up with the Trump.

Jennifer Lawrence, what would you say to Trump on his birthday?

Oops, it seems she is in American hustle to become a passenger of joy.

7. Where's the party tonight?

It's the birthday of the president of the United States of America, and there are all the possibilities that there will be more than one party. So one thing is sure, Trump will travel to places in this week of his birthday.

7.1 By the way, people in India seem to have an unconditional love for Trump.

And Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's meeting with the US president is due. It's Trump; anything could happen.

8. Putin from Russia may visit the US?

Okay, okay, don't get mad. I know I've come too far with my imagination. But, don't you feel that at least a call can be expected? (Trump's a darling after all). Think about it.

9. Last, but not the least. Ivanka could surprise Trump with anything... ANYTHING!

More than his wife, Melania Trump, president Trump's children, especially daughter Ivanka has played the role of FLOTUS in the White House so far. Trump will party or not that's secondary, but Ivanka definitely has something good in store to surprise his father on his special day.

10. Or maybe, we're all Jon Snow and...

All our imagination could fail. Because not even Trump knows what he might do on the big day.