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35 Men Who Gave A Dramatic Twist To Their Beard To Impress Their Drama Queen

When was the last time you got all muddled up deciding whether to keep the beard or shave it off? Not too long ago, right? It is so because all of the masculinity boils down to making this decision at the end of every week/month/year (to each, his own).Well, studies suggest having a good amount of facial hair actually helps the skin maintain a healthy balance of bacteria. Moreover, popular opinions from the opposite sex too claim that bearded men are naturally sexier and more attractive than the average clean-shaven Joe.It is even argued that beards make men's face look stronger and more masculine as opposed to views citing the only attribute which matters is bone structure. Either way, the importance of a beard in a man's life cannot be undermined.Men embrace their facial hair as if it is god's single most aesthetic trait given to them. However, how it looks, at the end of the day, is your personal prerogative. The onus to maintain a healthy and handsome beard lies on oneself.Check out an entire list of 'Before and After' shaving comparisons of guys from around the world who feel amused and bemused at the same time about how their faces look:Note: Whether they shaved to impress their girls or for any ''other'' purpose is still not clear! 

1) A man without a beard is like a lion without his mane... Hmm! *true dat*

Gotta muster a lot of courage to trim such an impressive mane. This guy has to be a lion from the modelling jungle. #BeardOverBiceps

2) Cool quotient on point!

This makes a quality shave. Sporting tattoos with a beard go hand-in-hand. Glad this cool guy set a new trend. Just hop back onto ya Harley chum! ;)

3) "With great beard comes great responsibility" APPARENTLY NOT!

EPIC TRANSFORMATION! It's like this guy shed off 4-5 years of ass-sloggin' in a quick trim. He has definitely lost a bet. Is he fan or something? I JUST KNEW IT. His team lost :P

4) 'You call it facial hair, I call it awesomeness escaping through my face'

This is how you work up different stages in life.BEFORE SHAVING - "I do not want make money. Let me just go around the world."AFTER SHAVING - "Find me a good job. I have a face worth a hundred dollars, at least."

5) I don't workout much but my beard lifts skirts or AT LEAST it used to :P

I, personally, for one, wouldn't mind giving up on job interviews if I had a track record of lifting as many skirts as this dude's beard 

Truth be told. Listen up, kids!

6) 'Anyone can start a beard but not everyone can finish it like this'

To be honest, lookin' at the way he has finished, he has really come into his own, must say. INTO HIS OWN MESS! Gee! Truly unique look - Shaggy from Scooby Doo

7) Keep calm and look beardsome!

BEARDASTIC! BEARDAZING! BEARDACULAR! That's what they used to say...Now, they're more like, "Do ya work at KFC or was it McDonald's?"

8) *Instant baby face unlocked*

He could literally pen a book called 'How To Perfect The Art Of The Puppy Face' by just publishing his shaving technique and make a fortune from it. 

9) Trying to look young? THINK AGAIN!

Nope. NO! no no no noh! Na nah naar! Something ain't right :/Bet you can't look at him/her for more than 5 seconds.

10) Men believe in hair how women believe in make-up, right half-man?

Hello Half-Human Mutant Hairy Ninja Man!You genuinely deserve going LIVE ON (H)AIR :P

11) Whoever said sizing is an issue that lasts a lifetime?!

Whoa... Didn't see that one coming.Did you trim that beard in the GYM!?

12) The only reason to SHAVE your beard is the joy of growing it AGAIN

Such a happy transformation. The man knows what he is doing.Seems he'd be pretty satisfied with his before-after.

13) A beard is a gift to your face, the other two pictures in the layout prove it wrong

That's SO FANCY! -cueing Iggy Azalea- 

14) Such definition, much jawline. BUT the beard suited you man!

Straight outta the matrimonial section. This clean-cut dude is very marriageable.Any takers?! -don't know if he's married or not- 

15) Pretty boy ditches the beard only to look prettier... 

Is he a member of the Irish House Mafia. If only there existed one.A Caucasian clean-shaven man trumps an Asian any day? Agreed.

16) From an absolute beard legend to a whiny grown football fan? YES!

Don't Be So Paranoid! You knew what you were getting into. DEAL WITH IT former beardo! :P

17) Did you audition for Game of Thrones yet? Hope they consider the first five photos only!

This is what happens when you first grown an oversized beard, then you trim the locks down, then you keep an oversized mush. What on Earth did you sign up for little man? Be happy you look your age now, perhaps! HAHA :D

18) Definitely makes you look younger Daddy-O!

WONDERFUL! -cuts his age down-Guessin' he might just have the perfect Hollywood 'dadbod' too :P

19) If this guy is not famous already, he better be now. Neatly done, mate!

OH MY GOSH! Hands down the most apt transformation so far. This bloke looks almost perfect in every look. What a star!He needs to play the filter games and become famous on social media.. Are ya listening?

20) Reality is not our best friend, after all!

This is what the school charts taught. Reality only looks a certain way. It turns out another like we imagined though!

21) The brand ambassador of cool...

Gillette needs to check this space out.Who knows they might just find their next TVC's model :P

22) Beards making ugly men handsome since time immemorial

This guy knows the art of balancing really well.He knew how to grow a killer beard and he knows how to un-grow one.LEGEND!

23) Shave how your boss told you to

If you work in a multi-national, this is what you need to do at the beginning of every week. -not really- :P

24) Before and After Shaving

This one helluva before-after selfie. HILARIOUS!His beard was so weird. What's with his pose? Does that symbolise manliness? -flip- 

25) Shaved it a little too early bro

This wily guy sheds off his whiskered beard. Made a world-of-a-difference to his years. Looks like he has gone 10 years younger. Well done, mate! That's how the cookie crumbles. SHAVE GAME on point for sure!

26) Shaven selfie to woo the ladies! *Ooh La La*

Beard's gone and so has his time being a ladies man.PROFESSIONAL HARAKIRI if he's from the showbiz. Went from looking like a Spanish Casanova to an overexcited teenager who wants to sit on that roller coaster twice. :P MUST READ: Scientific Reason Why You Should Stop Shaving, Alert!

27) Shouldn't have done that... It's a mistake!

Wish you'd be happy-ever-after, happiness and laughter..what a natural disaster!

28) Grow what your father gave you? MAYBE NEXT TIME...

NO WORRIES! Unlike a beauty pageant, you can always give a second shot at grooming facial hair.HOPEFULLY, in a better way :P

29) "He measured time in days, weeks and his beard"

SOMEONE get him a good WATCH please!Those little strands of hair feel the pressure of every passing second :P

30) Got tired stroking his beard

Taking the meaning of equality to a whole new level... *HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL TO SOURCES CLOSE BY* -do not get inspired- I repeat -do not get inspired- 

31) Half Cold/Half Hot

BRILLIANT! He officially WINS the 'Best Shaved Beard' Selfie.Full Marks for reativity!

32) Hello Grandpa Beardless

More like Breaking Bad 'wannabe' than a Breaking The Beard 'prospect' :D

33) Rugged vs. Metrosexual

He could easily try his luck at the movies with that FACE! <3Could be the next Captain America, ladies?

34) Shave For A Cause - Kyle Amor

Pro-Rugby Beard Shaved Off To Raise 35K pounds.Attaboy Mr. Amor!

35) Nobody does it better than the greatest Olympian of all-time

So, it's officially clear now. A man who has possessed a beard for longer than 6 months cannot wait to grow it again. These guys are a testament to the fact that feeling naked does not only happen when you bear all your clothes, it occurs to the manliest of men too, after shaving. LOL!Make your shave game stronger and post your transformation selfies to us and get featured. NOW!Recommended Story: 17 Unknown Facts About Beard That Every Man Must Know