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Week 23 2017 News Digest: The Major Highlights Of Global Trends In Last 7 Days 

A lot has happened this week around the globe in the field of politics, films, sports, and technology. Some new laws were made, businesses boomed around the globe, and the celebrities pleased their fans with their performances. The world is changing every second, every minute, every hour, every day. We need to keep ourselves updated to catch up with the ever evolving world. We all are living in a digital world, so it adds more responsibilities on media to provide all the latest and hot topics' information to the people.This time, the world saw some significant events which became the topic of discussions on news channels, digital media and the print media. For instance, Prince Charles wrote letters to former US President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy Reagan to pour out his feelings regarding the death of Princess Diana.For those of you who have missed major events, WittyFeed brings a recap of what all happened this week.

So let me introduce you to our weekly digest.

Here in this weekly digest, you'll get the major news of all the big categories which you should know. The categories are politics, movie reviews, events, celebrities, sports, technology and finally the tragic news. Everything in here will keep you updated. So without wasting any more time, check out the highlights.

#1 Politics

Prince Charles wrote a letter to Nancy Reagan and revealed that his marriage to Princess Diana was a "Greek Tragedy."

#2 Movie Review

The Mummy Reboot featuring Tom Cruise has hit the theatres near you and this is what WittyFeed's critic said about the movie.

#3 Events

West Hollywood Saturday for the 47th annual LA Pride Festival, featuring carnival rides, games, exhibits, food and musical acts has started and thousands of people participated in it.

#4 Celebrities

George Clooney recently became the father, so we created a list of stars who became father in their 50s. After that, we also made a list of celebrities and their stunning daughters.

#5 Sports

Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar recently revealed the sledging incident with Glenn McGrath and why did he take on him. After that, we thought of explaining one of the most difficult to understand things in cricket, the Duckworth-Lewis method.Also, as J. Ostapenko defeated Simona Halep in the French Open 2017 final, we decided to create a piece on Simona Halep's facts.

#6 Technology

NASA recently selected an Indian-American among 18,353 Seekers who applied for the selection of the Astronaut Candidate. After that, we listed best smartphones for clicking Instagram pictures.

#7 Tragic

A tragic church bus crash ended a student's mission trip before it started.That's all, folks!Subscribe