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Woman At Walmart Termed A 2-Year-Old Boy’s Condition 'Repulsive'. What His Mom Did Next Is Laudable

With the good comes the bad; same goes for the story of the Internet. There is so much junk information around that actual information which should be made readily available to the general population, that valuable and relevant news is lost in the haystack. This goes especially in terms of medical research and discoveries. The amount of misinformation and rumor-mongering that goes on the internet in the form of anti-vaccine rants, anti-GMO rants and so on, is triggered to a level that critical information such as disorders on the rise among children or infants right now, awareness for critical genetic diseases, etc. are being waylaid. This came at a price for a young mother who had to face the ignorance of another citizen, randomly.The incident occurred at a Walmart, where Dallas Lynn had gone shopping for groceries with her 2-year-old son, Jameus, accompanying her. The two were standing at the billing counter when the toddler wanted to be cuddled. Much to their chagrin, as the child’s shirt moved to expose his two stomas and bags when picked up by his mom, a bystander took it personally to have been subjected to the sight. Irate, Lynn chose to ignore the ignorant gawker for heckling her 2-year old but took to Facebook to share the agony.

The incident.

The gawker was a lady who stood behind the mother and son duo as they waited for their turn at a Walmart billing counter. As Jameus was being picked up by his mother for a cuddle, his shirt was lifted to reveal the medical apparatus associated with him. The lady behind the Lynns immediately ranted about how the young mother could allow someone to do this to her child?

So, have a little patience?

At first, Dallas calmly explained the medical situation in brief. Unfortunately, for the poor mother, the irritant was not done with her entitled 2 cents, as she went on to demand that the repulsive sight be hidden from the public.Rather than complying with the sheer apathy, Lynn did not bother to cover up her son, but simply carried over the child to another billing queue, far away from the complaining, obnoxious lady treading on basic human decency and courtesy.

She took to social media to share her agony.

Lynn perhaps let a cooler head prevail than most of us would. Later, she took to the social media to share with the world how the ignorance about her son’s medical condition and the lack of sympathy shown towards an infant can be regarded as commonplace.

The medical condition Jameus suffer from.

Jameus, the gorgeous 2-year-old, with hair the texture of cotton candy, may look all smiles in his photos but he came into being with his colons far from completion. Medically, this condition is called Hirschprungs Disease. Thus, to aid in his day to day functions, the brave chap had to have medical apparatus connected to him for a good part of the day.

What are the stomas for?

The stomas aid in carrying waste dispelled by the colons as the tracts are not fully formed, and the mother fears he might have to wear them permanently. It’s a common affliction in the aged, however, Jameus had to fight off an infection as a resultant of a ruptured colon.This happened when he was merely 2 weeks old. Lynn went on to highlight how much insensitivity and lack-of-awareness is sported at face value. The magnitude of the travesty was truly eye-opening and infuriating.She keeps sharing her son’s medical progress on a dedicated Facebook page she has created for this very reason. You can follow her posts here. She has also set up a GoFundMe page to seek financial aid towards the medical expenses for her son.

Rarity of humanity.....

It should grieve one to find out that a life so young should have to carry a weight so heavy. Melodramatic as it may sound, but the struggle is real. It is appalling how people feel entitled to blurt out the first thing that comes to their mouth, let alone their mind.

She successfully drives home the point!

As Dallas adroitly points out in her post, had the child been older, it would have worked against him and dealt a blow to his confidence. True, the aggressor might have been from a different era, but shouldn’t age beget compassion? Since when did our sense of entitlement become so great that we would rather turn a blind eye to that which vexes the health of children, by labeling it as an eyesore?The incident highlights that there is a bigger battle to be fought in first educating the masses about what passes as humane and what doesn’t.