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9 Most Popular Races In The World That Come With A Signboard Of DANGER

Adrenaline rush, cold shivers, pumping heartbeat, bursting veins and almost everything that you can relate to a high-end sporting activity is experienced under one name.And that name is...Motor Sports!All the sporting events organised around the world that sport motorised vehicles come under the name of ''Motor Sports'' and trust me when I say this, this is no child's play. The fact that you do not see many followers of this extreme sport itself reflects the out-of-league image of the sport.Be it Auto Racing, Motor rallying, Kart Racing, Sportscar Racing, Formula 1 or any other form of it, we see nothing that is not breathtaking. Drivers like Sebastien Loeb, Colin McRae, Petter Solberg, Tommi Makinen and Daniel Elena have already written their name with Golden Ink when it comes to the most popular of these sports stars.While there is a lot to the game that can't all be discussed. We present to you nine most popular races in the world (having one exception added just to give it a push for future) that are a racer's dream.Note: The order of images do not represent the rank.

#1 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Often regarded as the ''The race to the clouds'' as you must have already guessed after witnessing the image above, this is undoubtedly the best hill climb race in the world. A 12-mile long track that goes uphill, challenging the drivers with as many as 150 corner turns makes sure that the driver pushes his limits to the pinnacle and come out as a winner after reaching the top.

Red Bull Pikes Peak Hill Run video:

My eyes are popping as I haven't seen something like this before in my life.

#2 Bathurst 1000

Mt Panorama (I think this is where the term Panaromic view came from) holds the pride of conducting the Bathrust 1000. The very first corner as the race starts is called ''Hell Corner'' and if nothing else, then this proves how scary racing here can get. Rekoned as the dream of every Australian racer, Bathrust 1000 is everything that can send chills down your spine even when you watch it.

When Frosty Launched Through The Chase :

The competitiveness here is something that has my respect.

#3 Monte Carlo Rally

What's so different about this WRC rally is the fact that a major of it is an Asphalt Rally and my friends, the weather conditions are such that you don't even want to talk about it. So, a driver not only has to adapt to the building stress that comes with the race but also with the temperature and other climatic conditions there.

WRC Rally Montecarlo 2017:

Look for yourself to believe me!

#4 24 Hours of Nurburgring

A 15.5-mile circuit, 24 hours and over 200 cars, if those figures are not daunting, then I don't know what is. The race that holds in the Hills of Germany is tagged as ''The Green Hell'' and it's sadly worth mentioning that it has already claimed many lives and is infamous as one of the deadliest races in the world.

You're gonna fall in love with this if you're a speed lover:


#5 Monaco Grand Prix

The most prestigious in the list is the Monaco Grand Prix that saw its debut in the year 1929, decades before Formula 1 came into existence. Narrow-circuit, run-off areas far, a long tunnel to be crossed (not every Monaco race has this obstacle), extreme twists and what not, this popular race has it all to challenge the best of the drivers in the world. Seen as drivers' favourite, this race can make a career and just to mention, this one requires no great car but a great driver.

2017 Monaco Grand Prix: Race Highlights

You'll thank them for this video!

#6 Daytona 500

The race that kicks off the crazy NASCAR season holds a great amount of responsibility when it comes to satisfying the palate of crazy asses who crave for thrill. Having a 65+ years' golden history, this race event can be termed as the most loved of all.

Kurt Busch Wins 2017 Daytona 500:

What a race, what a racer and what a video!

#7 24 Hours of Le Mans

This 8.5-mile long circuit is something that is still ''virgin'' if we compare it with the modernisation that the other races/circuits have seen after the incoming of technologies in the sport. Right after you take the Green Flag at Le Mans, you know that you're about to enter the unknown where the only thing known to you is that you might just find yourself working like mad on your car in one corner or if you accidentally go off-road, it will take hours & hours for you to get found.

2016 highlights:

I know you're still under shock!

#8 Indianapolis 500 

33 cars2.5-mile circuitSpeeds reaching 230 mphA crash is most likely and it will hurt!One American Open Wheel racing that has evolved with time when others died.The introduction has as much as I can't write, however, I have an enthralling vid for you.

101st Indianapolis:

Got goosebumps? You're not alone!

#9 Central Motorsports TSD RALLY (Exceptional special addition to the list)

12 August 2017No, this is not just another date. This is when Central Motorsports' Highland Extreme (TSD) Rally 2017 will begin in the Indian state of M.P. Having made its debut in the year 2010, this race event saw a tremendous response from a generally dull Indian crowd when it comes to Rallying. 7th year into the organising of India's best racing events, Central Motorsports group is all set to start off the 2017 season with a highly entertaining and nail-biting TSD Rally.

OMFG! It's so near! So what's TSD actually?

TSD is typically a motor sport rally that runs on the object of driving each segment in a specified time and at a specified average speed. These restrictions are what making TSD another popular sport event in the country.The most valid reason behind TSD's popularity is that it does not demand a high-end sport vehicle that can cost you a fortune. In fact, its lesser dependence on speed and more dependence on the skills make it open even for the newbies who want to try their hands out in the extreme sport.Enough said, in case your footfall in India is planned to be around the month of August, I will personally recommend you that if not for racing, then for the sake of experiencing such a treat to eyes, do participate in the event.Remember, you're just a click away from enjoying the time of your life.