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Badass! Quirky! This Artist's Illustrations Depict All Sides Of Daring Modern Indian Women 

Radical. Intense. Dope. Magical. Awakening. Badass.This is how Samyukta Madhu's art can be described. She is a New York-based designer who has created ripples with her quirky illustrations on the new-age woman.She is fondly referred to as Sam and her artwork focuses on Indian women. Born in Chennai, Sam is just 22 years old. Her modern minimal art has grabbed the attention of people as her each piece screams out loud. If you look at her art, it appears that she cares a damn of what people think of her. What she preaches is, "Be Yourself"! The art has received mixed views from the Indian fraternity and is also easily misunderstood, looking at the bold avatar she has brought forward of the Hindu goddesses.WittyFeed brings you some some of Madhu's bold illustrations, which portray different aspects of modern Indian women. The illustrations project woman's loneliness, chastity and her ability to overcome all odds.

Meet the lady, Sam Madhu.

Have a look at her illustrations to peek into her artistic thought process. Mostly dominated by pinks and purples, her illustrations will make you rethink and rework the Indian fabric of thought. It will hit it right on the inhibitions and preconceived notions about the women of the society.

The vibrant yet toxic reality!

The only poses (rather clicks), these days?!

Huh! Heights of self-care? Is it?

Soft grunge, that is!

The unnecessary artificial longings!

Has everything except satisfaction!

If you know it, exploring a new territory? Yes, that is a question!

Happy realisation! And this is a reality too, now!

Those little hills, or sand dunes?!

A peek into the unending universe!

Shabash, kudos to you, Sam!

An all time Indian thrasher used by the Indian moms!

What the World Sees v/s What I see!

When she wears memes and not her heart on her sleeves!

A crowd pleaser and a self-inflictor?

How much I wished they understood me! Not to tie-down but to tie-up!

What should your morning cup of coffee do?  Bring enlightenment. 

Free me folks, from all those shackles of ego!

It's high time, we rise above this artificial and superficial social urge.

Trying to extract the goodness from the grungr?

Now that is some beautiful digital painting! *Battling eyelids*

Pink blue vaporwave inspired illustration. Vaporwave is a microgenre of electronic music and an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s.  

It's all a mix, of chaste and charm!

The powerful modern wonder woman!