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LFC Transfers: Is Van Dijk Sad That His Liverpool Move Is Off The Cards?

Compare the Liverpool teams of yesteryear and today and you can see a huge difference. Alonso, Gerrard, Kuyt, Torres, Mascherano etc all were veterans in world football and all packed the ability to turn up the ante when it came to big European nights. Since then Liverpool has fallen quite far off as the current crop barring a few names lacks the demeanor to perform at the big stage in Europe when the situation demands.And of all the leaders in the team, the alpha male was their legendary center back Jamie Carragher who used to go to battle every time he wore that red kit. Since then, Liverpool has fallen off quite some way. Agger and Skrtel did carry the baton for some time but the current crop has failed to live up to any kind of expectations that were ever set for them. That’s why Liverpool were after this player for so long. Scroll down to know more.

Van Dijk

With gigantic body structure, amazing reading of the game and a tackling ability that can match any of the top center halves in the world, Van Dijk was the perfect prospect for Liverpool. It wasn’t only the qualities at the defensive end, but his aerial abilities on both offensive and defensive ends was an asset which Klopp would’ve loved to use.

Defensive woes

Van Dijk would’ve been the perfect answer to all the defensive questions that were asked of Liverpool during the 2016-17 season. Mignolet, Moreno, Lovren etc are all to blame for the kind of defensive performances they put in this season. But now it seems his move is off the cards

Approach for Van Dijk 

For the past two transfer windows, Liverpool has been chasing the signatures of the Dutch center back and it has been nothing short of a merry go round. Every time Liverpool used to put a solid bid in for the player, much to their disappointment, it would be rejected by Southampton.  

3 way battle

Because Van Dijk is so highly rated and such a classy player, naturally there are many clubs that are circling around him like sharks to acquire his services. Most notable of them are Chelsea and Manchester City apart from Liverpool

Liverpool move off

According to sources, Southampton asked the FA to investigate Liverpool's approach towards Van Dijk and after investigation, it was revealed that indeed Liverpool's approach towards the player wasn't legal and hence they released a statement confirming that they've ended their interest in the player.

Check out Van Dijk's cryptic twitter activity

Van Dijk not only changed his profile photo in which he was wearing Southampton's colors but also removed that he plays for The Saints from his bio.