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69-Year Old Who Once Was Assaulted At The Age Of 9 Shares His Story With The World

He is finally getting justice!


Child abuse and sexual assault cases are the most heinous form of crimes and highly condemnable. It is a gross breach of trust that inflicts a lifetime of behavioural and psychological issues on the victim. Besides blotting their innocence and misusing their gullibility, such acts go on to affect the children in the most brutal ways and even ruin their life forever, unless counselling helps heal their scathed soul.A similar incident came to light recently when a 69-year old man waived off his right to anonymity and came out in the open about how he had been sexually assaulted at the hands of his teacher six decades ago. He explains how the incident affected his life and bruised his confidence. He had been living with a ‘burden of shame’ all this while that finally seems to have been lifted off as he disclosed all about the horrific experience in public.


Burdened with shame for nearly six decades. 

The viciousness inflicted on him as a child continues to live with him even today. This is what Iain Peters, 69, revealed recently in a video interview. He was sexually abused as a child for four long years and continues to live with the scar till date. He described how those four years left him with a lifetime of insecurity, shame, and fear.

The offender is an ex-Jackanory presenter.

Peters was assaulted by his own teacher when he was just 9 years old. His teacher was none other than John Earle, an ex-Jackanory presenter. 


John Earle- the culprit. 

Earle was a TV presenter in the 1960s and 1970s and was last seen on television as a Jackanory storyteller.

The victim recalls the horrific experience.

Peters recounts his student life at Upcott House Preparatory School where Earle, who was working as a deputy head teacher, used to abuse him sexually. He recalls that it all started when Earle came into his dormitory one night and carried him to his own room before executing the awful act.The above picture's courtesy goes to Channel 4 and shows Peters as a child. 


He was assaulted throughout his term.

The assault was not limited to just one night and continued throughout Peters’ term at school for four long years. He was abused at least once a week by Earle and in return was given a buttered toast as a treat, rather a little enticement to keep the secret.  

He waived off his right to anonymity to get off the burden of shame.

Peters, who was a natural extrovert, withdrew from his own family following the incident and kept to himself. He has since been living with a terrible burden of shame, fear, and insecurity. Peters finally waived off his right to anonymity recently to share his story with the world and relieve himself of this burden.  


Child sex abuse is an urgent social problem.

Peters adds that child sex abuse is an “urgent social problem” and needs to be looked into.

Victims should seek help from police.

He is grateful to the counselors and the police for supporting him and helping him get justice. It is for the first time in last six decades that he has felt liberated.He urges the people to come forward and seek help from the police. "I would assure other victims who want to come forward that the police were brilliantly supportive and that professional help can be hugely liberating for survivors of child sex abuse,” he says.


Here's his video interview!