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12 Yoga Asanas You Must Perform to Get That Perfect 'Shape of You'

"Yoga is not about tightening your ass, it's about getting your head out of it." It is on point and gets straight to the head of the laidback youth. Coming over to the asanas that are generally performed in yoga, there is a plethora of them and the benefits to be derived are boundless. The word 'asana' from Sanskrit means a seat or a posture. The concept of Yoga was devised to develop harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is food for the soul and a getaway from the humdrum of everyday life. It aims to keep illness at bay and encourages us to lead a healthy and fruitful life. Here we get to you a compilation of morning yoga asanas and their benefits along with precautions to be kept in mind. Have a look.


Uttanasana is a yogic posture which involves intense stretch, as the word 'uttana' itself suggests. Having listed its benefits, Uttanasana is generally a transition or a resting posture. It is also practiced in a number of variations, such as performing Uttanasana with clasped hands or with grabbed elbows. This pose must be avoided if one has recently had a back surgery, a knee surgery or a surgery of the hamstrings.


The Lotus Pose puts a lot of strain on the ankles and the knees. This is why people with pain in the knees or ankles must abstain from performing it. 


Downward Facing Dog Pose must be avoided in the latter stages of pregnancy. Also, if one has a chronic or recent injury in the shoulders, arms, hips or back, this pose must be skipped.


The Revolved Triangle Pose must be avoided under conditions of insomnia, diarrhea, low blood pressure, migraine or a headache. Also if one has suffered a spinal or back injury, then this asana must not be practiced. 


The Crane Pose is a balancing posture that benefits the abdominal organs. One must keep in mind to keep the neck straight, in order to avoid sprains. Also, all those suffering from spondylitis must do this under expert supervision only. 


The Shiva Twist is not for the ones suffering from low blood pressure as this may make them feel light-headed and dizzy. 


This pose must be avoided if one has been injured in the ankle or the knee. This pose involves an intense backbend, and only experienced practitioners should attempt it. 


The Scorpion Pose is a tough one on the list. It should be practiced only by an advanced practitioner of yoga. Also, heart patients and those suffering from injuries in the hip or back, must not do this. 


The Bow Pose must be skipped by the heart and blood pressure patients. It is important for those who are suffering from hernia to skip this pose in their morning routine. While performing this asana, make it a point to pull your chest and thighs equally up and not bend elbows.


The Compass Pose must be avoided in case of shoulder, groin, hamstring or back injury. Also, it is a complex asana, thus supervision is needed.


The Side Plank Pose is a pose which is also called as the sage pose, thanks to its Sanskrit name. One must have a sound physical fitness while performing this asana. This asana must be avoided if one has an injury in the neck, shoulders, or ankles.


The Cow Pose is a way to strengthen and warm up the spine. Also, if you have a sensitive neck, then do not crunch it too much. Make sure to keep your shoulders away from your ears.We hope this list of asanas motivated you to hit the mat right in the morning and rule it with your dedication and perseverance.