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These Images Of Disney Princesses As Drug Addicts & Rape Victims Will Shake You

We live in a world, which from its inception has been biased towards women and they were always considered the "weaker gender". I've never understood why "having balls" has always been a euphemism for strength and bravery while "you're a pussy" has been one for expressing weakness and cowardliness.  Every year, a whopping 1.3 million women are raped, 200 million women who are alive have undergone female genital mutilation. About 120 million females, worldwide, have been victim to forced sexual acts or intercourse at some point or other in their lives. (Source : www.unwomen.org) A  Philadelphia-based photographer Sharon Dermody decided to highlight some of these issues by using her photography skills and came up with a unique concept. She projected a couple of models dressed as Disney Princesses who portrayed as the victims of these social issues. But why did she choose Disney Princess for this? Read on to know more.  

#1 Domestic Violence

Sharon has chosen Disney Princess as the subject for this photo shoot to cast a similarity between every girl who is someone's daughter, mother, wife, and therefore is a princess to her father, brother and husband.This image shows a Disney Princess who is a victim of domestic violence. A beast offers her a rose, after leaving a bruise on her face.    

#2 Pollution

This portrays that if at all a mermaid would exist in real world, her life would be horrific and in danger because we humans have polluted the water bodies around us.  

#3 Alcohol and its repercussions

How alcohol has broken down families around the world, we all know. This image projects its serious repercussions.   

#4 Rape and sexual abuse

A once bubbly Princess looks like a corpse in this picture, robbed of her dignity and self esteem after being raped. Thousands of women and girls undergo this every year, around the globe.    

#5 Suicide

Depression and suicide are becoming an increasingly threatening issue all over the world. With so much stress, anxiety and pain, girls are resorting to suicides. Suicide doesn't end the pain, it just passes it on the loved ones. Girls, let's be comfortable in our skin, gain confidence and love ourselves. 

#6 Trafficking

Sex trafficking is on rise, wherein girls and women of all ages are sold like commodities. This image shows how a woman has been assaulted, trafficked and traumatised. Even her tears have run dry.  

#7 Smoking 

This new generation has a fixation for looking cool as they take to smoking or drugs. 

#8 Drugs

Image shows a girl injecting a needle in her arm, showing drug abuse. Heroin is one of the most widely sold drugs in grey market and one of the most dangerous as well. It can kill a normal healthy human being within 1 to 2 years. The saddening part is that a lot of women are resorting to drugs.