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Lesser Known Facts About GSLV Mark III That You Need To Know Now

While congratulating ISRO scientists for its successful launch of fat boy satellite, GSLV MK III, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the nation is proud of successful launch of GSLV MK III, as it takes India closer to the next generation launch vehicle and satellite capability.The scientists worked relentlessly since 2002 to finally achieve their target. The chief of ISRO A S Kiran Kumar congratulated each member of ISRO and called it a "Historic Day." The successful launch of ISRO GSLV MK III, which costs Rs 300 crore, has given several reasons for India to be on cloud nine.The development of this satellite has put India at par with other nations like US, Russia, China, and Japan, which have mastered the cryogenic engine technology.Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) faced several setbacks since 1970 when it started developing technology to launch a satellite. 

#Mischevious boy:

The Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III is called as ISRO's "Mischevious boy" as it failed several times and scientists had to work repeatedly on it. The most important thing is that this satellite has been successful in its first flight, so it is called - "Obedient boy."

#Techniques used:

The 49 meter-high (161 feet) GSLV, with a lift-off mass of 415 tonnes, has solid, liquid and cryogenic stages. Cryogenic engines work far below cryogenic temperature which is minus 238 degrees Fahrenheit, according to livehindustan.com


Tapan Mishra, director of the Space Applications Centre, said ISRO has given birth to "Bahubali", reports livehindustan.com

#Achievement has influenced other countries too:

ISRO has proved to be a dominant player in the field of space technology. This achievement of ISRO is also being discussed abroad. 

Earlier history

GSLV Mk II was fired by an indigenously made cryogenic engine. 


On May 5, 2017, PM Narendra Modi's dream project of the fourth GSLV Mk II rocket became a reality when it successfully launched 'South Asia satellite,' which was India's gift to friendly SAARC neighbours.Source: TOI 

#Cryogenic engine

The GSLV MK III launch has added to the efficiency of the CE20 indigenous cryogenic engine, an entirely new technology designed to double the thrust and capability.