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Harry Potter Author And Other Celebrities Criticise President Trump On London Attack Tweets

POTUS, wrongagain?


Stories of terror attacks in the newspaper, on the internet and social media platforms, are becoming more frequent than ever. While the entire world stands united to fight the terrorism, it seems that the terrorists' organisations are making developed countries their targets one by one. United Kingdom, for instance, has been attacked thrice in the past three months.The first attack took place in March outside the Parliament, the second one at Ariana Grande's concert in May. The third and most recent one took place at London Bridge on June 4, where people were stabbed with the knives brutally. More than six people died while 30 suffered life changing wounds.The internet, which connects all of us together at one place, was flooded with tweets from celebrities and common people who prayed for the betterment of those who suffered injuries and paid tribute to people who lost their lives.


In between all of these, a tweet came from the White House...

Once again as usual; President Trump became the centre of attraction because of his controversial tweets on sensitive terror attacks that took place in London.It all started when President Trump criticised London Mayor Sadiq Khan's reply on Twitter to the tragedy. What Trump said in tweet astonished many in the world.

Here's president Trump's tweet made after the incident.

Without blaming the political strategies of Britain's Prime Ministe Theresa May and her conservative style of politics, Trump hit straight wherein he said that all the nations need to get smart in dealing with situations like this.


Everything was right, until he tweeted this.

Donald Trump blamed Mayor of London directly in his tweets and criticised him for the lack of security arrangements. It's a rare act, where a President of one country (the US in particular) blames an office bearer of another country.

Following this, many intellectuals on Twitter replied to Trump.

They accused the oldest President of the US of misinterpreting Sadiq Khan's interview with BBC and making sick remarks for the sake of showing dominance, which bordered on fascism.


Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, didn't respond to President Trump directly.

ABC News shared a transcript of the statement which had come from Mayor's spokesperson.

After which, Trump tried to divert the attention of people to issue of the gun control. 

Billionaire turned President Donald asked on Twitter, "Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now?" In answer to this question, many celebrities and artistes from around the world took to Twitter and responded to President Donald's tweet, asking to correct his statement.


Famous author of Harry Potter series, J K Rowling, wrote:

A video expert, who lives in Minnesota wrote:

"Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. No reason to be alarmed."


A Twitter user lost her temperament and claimed that Trump is unfit to be the POTUS.

Filmmaker Dustin Lance Black said this:

Even American actor George Takei couldn't keep silent and corrected President Trump by tweeting this:

Some other tweets from famous personalities includes:

It seems controversies don't happen to President Trump; he happens to them. That's all, folks!Subscribe