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This Girl Died Soon After Her Prom, And Now Everyone Wants Her Blue Dress

16-year-old, Catherine Malatesta, really loved her prom gown. She was suffering from a terrible condition but managed to pull off this prom dress very graciously. Her story has inspired so many people and it falls under the 'The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Prom Dress.'But what makes this dress so special? Her friends were able to be there for her when she was going through a tough time and made sure she had this beautiful dress to wear at her prom. She enjoyed her prom with the love of her life and made amazing memories with her date and all her friends. She was just an ordinary girl from Arlington, Massachusetts, but her story is definitely phenomenal. Despite all that she went through, her friends never left her side and supported her throughout the journey. Keep reading to find out the story about Catherine's life and her prom dress. 

Meet Catherine. 

At the time of her prom, she was suffering from the last stage of cancer. She was extremely excited about her prom because a few months ago she wasn't sure if she would be able to make it. But she was a brave girl, and she enjoyed prom with her date to the fullest. 

She was admitted in the hospital. 

Due to her condition, she was in the hospital, but she was allowed discharge for one day so she could go for prom. 

She lived it to the fullest. 

She told her mom that she felt beautiful for the first time and it was a very special night to Catherine. 

She finally made it to prom. 

Catherine wanted to gain all of life's experiences before her time went out. She lived life large and created wonderful memories with her friends. 

She was diagnosed in 2014. 

She suddenly felt an ache in her shoulder, but at first she thought it was only a sports injury. She played field hockey in high school, but it wasn't a sports injury. 

She still kept a positive attitude. 

While she was in the hospital, she completed all her class work and she also won the elections to become the president of the student council. 

Her friends have honoured her memory. 

Catherine's friends have been there to support her, but now they are honouring her memory by wearing the dress she wore to prom. 

Here's a friend wearing the same dress. 

This is her friend, Jillian. She was a junior at Arlington and played field hockey with her. Jillian says that wearing Catherine's dress made her feel her presence. 

Some more friends wore the dress. 

Another friend of Catherine's, Emma Schambers, wore the dress for her senior prom. Lauren Hourican followed the next year, and some more friends joined in. 

Her family was touched by this. 

They were delighted that Catherine had such lovely friends who were willing to honour her memory like that. Their family has received requests from friends who would like to claim the dress for their subsequent proms. How sweet!