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17 Cheesy & Flirty Pick-Up Lines That A Guy Just Can't Resist Falling For

Honestly, flirting is an art. Some of us have it, some of us don't. Let us just accept that, so it'll be easier to go ahead with this story. Being a girl, you first need to understand what goes inside a guys' head. We all have different approaches towards flirting, but one thing remains constant: men absolutely love the idea of coming across a charming woman, comfortable in her skin. No matter what his age or idea of love is, he'd surely like the idea of a confident woman asking him out! Before flirting with a guy, let him know subtly that you’re warm and approachable and wouldn’t get offended with a bit of teasing. Guys are usually scared to make the first move even if they feel slightest of disinterest from a woman, and it's pretty evident that they are involuntarily attracted to girls who are soothing, approachable and smile a lot. So girls, flirt better, flirt more. Read more, find out and use these 17 flirty lines to lure any guy towards you (even if he has a girlfriend :P)!

Would you?

Hang in there people, this is just the start, we have so much more in store for you. Girls, don't be that girl who's rude, arrogant and ignores every person coming her way. Guys like staying away from such girls even if they are attractive as hell. They're pretty unapproachable.

Just a little, though.

I'll take a date, no worries. 

All of me!

You didn't see that coming, did ya?