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6 Hours, 350 Million USD & 5 Wives, What's The Connection Between These & The Saudi Prince?

Saudi Prince and their weird fetishes and habits are well known to all of us around the world, and we've heard 'em all (almost). With one prince, to have allegedly smuggled cocaine on his private Boeing 727 jet to another one who got his grand-daughter and her lover executed in a parking lot on being caught to have had a love affair seems like, there are no limits, boundaries or rules for these no more teenage spoilt brats. One more example adds to the list of 'Saudi Princes & their crazy adventures' today. We've all heard about Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (how on Earth do you remember your own name, Prince?!) for his drug and gambling habits, but his latest betting fiasco is quite exceptional, even when considered for him.Go ahead, read on to find more and I bet you'd be cringing so hard. 

He put his wives on stake for gambling. 

So, the prince was spending his week at the renowned Sinai Grand Casino, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Somehow, while playing a game of poker, the prince continued for next 6 hours and lost a whopping 1.350 billion riyals which converts $350 million and also his 5 WIVES!

His wives were valued at 25M USD, but how?

Ali Shamoon, who is the director of the casino, where the prince had been gambling and pawned his wives for $25M in credit, said “This isn’t the first time that a customer bets a living creature. We often have camels and horses, but usually, the customers pay to keep them. This is the first time that a player leaves his wives after he loses.”Let me tell you, pawning or selling women is a rare practice but still legal in a lot of Middle Eastern countries.What exactly is wrong with y'all?

Still unclear if and when these ladies would be able to go back to Saudi Arabia.

It is still unclear as to what will happen next to all these ladies spawned for money and if they will be able to return to Saudi Arabia or not, but experts believe that in a similar manner like they were sold, they could be bought back by other members of the Saudi Royal family, over the course of next few weeks. Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said, "The government would do everything it could to facilitate the Saudi women’s return to their homeland, as soon as their husband’s debt will be paid."

It's not the first time.

Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is not gaining the media attention for the first time here. He was accused of harassing and sexually assaulting a maid in 2015. Also, he was accused of a having sexual relationship with a male aide, taking cocaine and threatening to kill women refused to cooperate sexually with him.

But, is it?

Sources over the internet have also been claiming that this news is a hoax. But, if I were to be asked, I'd quite believe that the prince could have lost all that money and those ladies.