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A Boeing 747 Pilot Takes Hypnotising Pictures From The Cockpit And We Envy His Workplace

What is the view from your office cabin or cubicle or desk, or wherever you sit and work? What you see is some concrete metropolitan arena or never ending traffic-filled roads? Maybe something better? A beach or water body, mountains and hills? All right. Let me warn you, you are going to loath your workplace after seeing the absolutely surreal photographs taken by a Boeing 747 Pilot.Famously known as the Flying Dutchman, JPC Van Heijst, has the most extraordinary view from his office. You must've seen pictures clicked by him before, but this set, here, is just too beautiful to handle. Van Heijst flies Boeing 747s around the world: "Seeing the entire world in my job, I feel privileged to be in a position to capture many different parts of the planet through my camera and immortalize the beauty of the places I visit," he told Daily Mail.

Image one, and I'm already awestruck. 

Oh! the beauty. 


Northern Lights. 

When you're on cloud 9. 

When the other pilot is doing his job and you're clicking pictures. 


What a place to relax, no?!


Leave me here and I'd never be able to figure out which button is for doing what.


Pretty sunset. 


Now, a series of images, showcasing the equally beautiful inside view of a Boeing 747 aircraft. And how the sky looks from inside.

What a view!


Complicated but orderly.