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Rumi's Quotes From The 13th Century, Fitting Even In The 21st Century

All your notions will be shattered, after reading and imbibing Rumi's quotes, you will be born with a fresh perspective towards life and its problems. His writings are so powerful and still so contemporary, that when I landed my sight on it, I was taken back by their relevance and sense, even today. Rumi or Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi was a 13th Century Persian poet whose compositions transcend beyond time and situations. His work is so fresh and positive that it instantly open the closed doors and windows of the drowsy human brain. Our minds have been piled up with loads of dust of negativity, doubt, worry, anger, fear and anxiety, since years. On learning from Rumi, windows of the mind screech open, never to be closed again. A guarantee: After reading this piece, you will be gifted a new perspective, free of all the shackles of society, and with the strength to bust all the lurking myths! Good luck, folks!Eternal, Everlasting and Timeless, need I say more?!

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Often in today's world, we tend to raise our voice to get heard. Rarely do we realise that more than voice, what matters is, the words. The selection of words can make or break a conversation. Thus, choose them wisely! Here are 12 more pieces of Rumi's work, that are sure to make your day! Grasp as much as you can from them!

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