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Not Again! President Donald Trump Gets Mocked On Twitter For Typing 'Covfefe'

Ohh you're here once again? It seems your excitement about the American President Trump hasn't been affected after all these days. Don't worry; you've just come to the right place. And we've got the news rolling for you.On Tuesday, Donald Trump is once again mocked online on Twitter for usual reasons. The careless American president posted a nonsense and misspelt tweet which read, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe." It was all done a few hours after Sean Spicer, Press Secretary in the White House escaped from his first press conference as the US President returned to America in between the reporter revolt.Ever since Trump tweeted the word, 'Covfefe', it has become a trending keyword on all social media platforms. Twitteratis have mocked Trump in massive numbers with memes and gifs for his bizarre tweet. Are you among the ones who are trolling the president?Let's have a look at the story!

People are making some funny remarks on him.

We don't know if the US president deserves to be mocked like this on the web world, but people are saying that if he can throw such meaningless tweets, then why can't we make fun of it.A Twitter user hilariously wrote, "The half-finished tweet, which has not yet been deleted, was the result of one of Trump's aides ripping his phone from his hands," reports Daily Mail.

While some claimed that it's his new slogan. 

One of his followers wrote, President Trump types as if someone is trying to snatch the phone. 

One Twitterati raised a question asking if everyone else in the White House were sleeping?

Some even mixed the word Covfefe in their own sentences to make it meaningful.

While sarcastic Twitterati posted a GIF trying to take away the phone from Trump.

There were also people who were having the problem in pronouncing the word Covfefe.

Whereas some stated: Trump shouldn't be allowed to use his phone.

Not only ordinary people, but famous celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel trolled President Trump as well.

Some people crossed the limits of guessing the meaning of the word and said "It could be a nuclear weapon password."

The businessman-turned-president was majorly unaware of all these memes and mocking for almost 2 hours.

Probably this has been the first time when Trump tweeted something wrong and it was trolled for almost 2 hours.

Obciously, whoever posted the tweet, this hasn't been the first time when someone in Trump administration has done this.

Earlier, before Trump tweeted misspelt word, Press Secretary had left his first media conference abruptly.

Actually, during his campaigns, President Trump had blasted on two/three major websites claiming that they're spreading 'FAKE NEWS' about him on the social media platforms, and these websites are 'enemies to America'. The representatives of these three outlets asked the Press Secretary, Spicer, to list down the stories which the White House believes to be false. Following this, he abruptly ended the conference.

Before leaving, Spicer said that:

"What I'm telling you is that the reason the president is frustrated is the perpetuation of false narratives, the use of unnamed sources over and over again about things that are happening that don't ultimately happen and I think that is troubling," reports Daily Mail.

People booed and laughed off at these words from Spicer, suggest some reports.

However, the most appropriate guess for Covfefe's real meaning is coverage. It seems that President Trump was trying to type, "Despite the constant negative press coverage."That's all, folks!Subscribe