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After Heavy Rainfall, This Indian City Witnesses "Chemical Snowfall"

Bengaluru, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka and the "Garden City of India" is known as the "centre of India's high-tech industry." The city has two large lakes, Bellandur and Varthur that have been frothing out in flames since last few days. Pre-monsoon showers had provided much-needed relief to the people in Bengaluru in the summers, but it had also become a problem for those who live in the areas near the Varthur Lake. The heavy rainfall that hit the city in the last week had resulted in foaming of the lake. The travellers had been facing a lot of problems due to the high traffic, as the toxic foam had spilt over the Whitefield Main Road of the city. People had noticed foams on the road on 27th May, Saturday morning. The heavy winds had resulted in foam getting blown from the other side of the lake and had entered the road, disrupting the traffic in nearby areas. And not only the foam but also the unpleasant smell that is emanating from the lake has become intolerable for the residents. The froth had also entered the malls and hospitals in the city.

Toxic Snow from Bengaluru's Varthur Lake

After the respite from pre-monsoon showers, Bengaluru is now tackling with one-of-a-kind snowfall. It is not the first time that the Varthur Lake rain has frothed due to the presence of toxic chemicals as, earlier, in March this year, mild rain in the Garden City was seen frothing in the Lake. People cannot walk around as the toxic foam which is full of chemicals is injurious to their health, and they are also facing problems during driving as the foam settles on the windscreen on the car.

Froth flowed on the main road

According to The Times of India, a member of the citizen group of Whitefield Rising, Pravir B. said that the winds have blown the foam from the other side of the lake and has entered the road and is also disturbing the traffic in the area. 

Video showing the froth from the Lake

The photos and videos have been posted by locals on the social media with a belief that the civic bodies will alter the disorder.

This is not new for Bengaluru

The reports of The Times of India say that the Bellandur and Varthur Lake were in the news for frothing and even catching the fire, while another of the city's lake, Subramanyapura Lake had joined the list of Bengaluru's polluted lakes. People were shocked to see the western side of the lake foaming on Saturday morning.