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Angela Merkel 'Once Again' Ignores Indian PM Narendra Modi's Handshake (Video)

Indian Prime Minister yet again missed a chance to shake his firm hands with the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. After his unsuccessful quest for the handshake in 2015, while his Germany visit and three other European nations, Modi missed his consecutive second chance to greet the German official.A press conference was held in Germany, where Prime Minister Modi along with Chancellor Merkel issued a joint statement on climate change as well as Indo-German bilateral relations. At the end of this joint statement, Modi turned towards Merkel with his hand extended towards Angela Merkel to greet her with a handshake, and just like the time before, the German Chancellor remained unaware of Modi's friendly gesture and walked pass him. Later Merkel guided Prime Minister Modi towards the photo-op with the flags of the two countries, where they finally shook their hands. Let's have a look at the incident at this epic unsuccessful attempt of Prime Minister Modi to greet Angela Merkel! 

Modi-Merkel handshake fail in 2015

Earlier, during his establishment as the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi visited Germany in 2015 to draw international attention towards the 'Make In India' project. Where he along with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel issued a press statement after which he approached her for a friendly handshake. Somehow, Merkel remained unaware of this gesture as she passed by Modi without responding to the handshake. This called for a long online debate back then, as it was said that Modi was intentionally snubbed. 

Well, we don't know if it was intentional or not but Modi surely missed his second chance too!

Have a look at the video where Modi, after finishing with his address, gets ignored by Merkel (2015)

Same story, different time (2017)

Earlier, on 17th May 2017, the President Of US, Trump snubbed Chancellor Merkel for a handshake

Maybe because Trump (who is an alleged friend of PM Modi) ignored the handshake request by Merkel, she in turn, as a revenge snubbed Modi for the same!Don't take it seriously folks, I am just kidding!