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10 Things That Can Irritate A Musician In A Jiffy

It has been seen that people who choose different career paths have to suffer a lot. They are taunted by many for choosing something that is not regular. But, it is also said that you can not become famous without being unique, and it is entirely right. So is it right to listen to the taunts? I don't think so. You need to prove all the people that you can and will achieve success by doing something extraordinary.For instance, today, I'd like to talk about the musicians, they also often come across questions or comments related to their field. They are even questioned on whether they will be able to make their career successful or not? This is not a good thing but well, who can change the mindset of anyone? So we decided to make a poster series, showcasing a hilarious conversation between a musician and people who could hurt him. It is not a manual, but still, a guide that could help in deciding, what NOT to say to a musician.

Please, he is trying to make his name.

Nothing hurts a musician more than when you say that he sounds like someone else. He is working so hard to make his name, and at that time you try to reward him with something which he did not want. So consider it a request and do not say this to your musician friend.

I think he is holding the guitar right.

Please don't insult anyone's talent.

That's damn right.

Everyone needs a backup plan, but there is no reason to ask.

Some people don't understand the profession.

Yeah, his home is the stage of Grammy Awards.

The irony: He is teaching a musician about music.