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These Nostalgic Posters Take Us Back To The 90's And We're So Loving Them

Don't y'all miss the 90's? Silly question, yes! My bad! We all miss the 90's, for variegated reasons. Be it the quality and genre of the cartoons like 'Tom and Jerry' or comic books like 'Champak'. 'Kite fights' in summer eves or the 'matka kulfis' on late night. Going to visit our grandparents in person because Skype didn't exist, we actually went out and played with our friends on the streets. We'd talk to each other face to face and not just 'text' because we're blessed with the ability to converse. With technology and science at its ultimate peak, everything has been changing so quickly that it's almost impossible to adapt it all in a day or even a couple of days or months. Undeniably, we're serendipitous to be living at this time and not 30 years ago or 30 years hence, because it might not feel right or seem right, but trust me, it is the right time to be alive. Let's have a look down the memory lane! 

The simpler days. 

I miss the older, simpler days. We would get only five types of compass boxes in stationery stores with limited design options, and all of our friends and us carried similar boxes to schools. No judgment. No comments. Nothing. And now? 2000 million types of compass boxes that could literally fit a mini fridge inside them. *cringing* 

You have one too, accept it!

We all have at least one of these still at our homes. I'm just not buying it, even if you're saying a no!

An absolute favourite, no?

These phones were literally my favourite toys as a child. You could make me a real Powerpuff girl, and it'd still want nothing more than to play with this phone and call up random strangers.

The bond between your almirah and those stickers: stronger than fevikwik. 

Remember we all used to have 'almirahs' (well, we all still have at least one of them) in our homes instead of 'wardrobes'. I would flood them with these stickers, and most of them used to be cricket related.

The struggle was real, Bru!

Today it takes less than 20 seconds to download any freaking song you wish to hear from any corner of the world. But back when we were young kids (and oh! I'm only 22), the struggle was real. First, we would watch the movie and hopelessly fall in love with the songs of it, then we'd tune into radios and be stuck to it like a leech, all-day-long in the hope of listening to that one song stuck in our head. Next, we'd wait for the cassette of the movie songs to be released and lastly, go after it as if it were nectar. 

Kite fights!

Be it Makar Sankranti or not, we never needed a reason for kite fights. Summer evenings, terrace, a couple of friends and we'd be sorted. 


Honestly, as kids, we never understood what happened when this showed up on the screen, and the TV started screeching. 

Remember Donald Duck's Uncle?

He made my childhood hilarious just like his nephew Donald. Irreplaceable. 

The unforgettable tales. 

As kids, we didn't have a lot of entertainment options. Internet did not exist (yup, that's true!) so all of us, reading enthusiasts, resorted to Champak, young Bhaskar, and much more similar comic books. And oh, they all came only once a week. *crying emoji*

Tata Sky, say hello to Dad!

Before Tata Sky and other DTH operators came into existence, TV with cable lines still existed. No, I'm not kidding. There would be antennas put up on our respective terraces that would at times, due to rains or winds, go crazy and stop working. But, eh! we were happy. 

I still miss school, I'm sure you do too. 

The sole reason majority of us went to school was for meeting our friends. It didn't matter however lame, stupid or dumb they were because we were exactly the same. Lunch breaks, chalk fights and scribbling the class desks, were a few highlights of our childhood.

Are they extinct? 

So, I don't even think kids today study from notebooks anymore; such is the advent of technology, forget these name slips, we used to put on our neatly covered notebooks. Choosing these name slips were one of the hardest decisions of my school days. 

Because forget 'mera pehla pyaar', we've got something more important!

Remember those junior school lectures and teachers who forced us to carry ink-pots to the school and buy new china pens. They were a couple of messy years out there for my uniforms.