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Meet The Newborn Who Started Walking Right After Birth & Has Earned Million Views On Facebook

Evolution takes place at its own pace but that's not something us humans have ever wanted; we always want to rush it and today we came across another example of that. Though the example you're about to see is not man-made and no human interventions were made to make it happen, but still to see a new-born baby walk just after its birth is not something you get to see every day. When other kids normally, take months to take their first step, let alone walk, this miraculous child here is able to walk with the support of a nurse's hand somehow balancing his body. This child has contradicted the saying "easier said than done" because when parents don't even expect their kids to walk before completing a year at the least; the new-born amazes everyone present in the labour room. Don't believe us, go through the following images and you'll realise that we're not joking.

The video of the millenium

The video deserves no other caption when the kid gets a popularity of 74 Million views and 1.5 Million shares on the Facebook platform where it was shared. Just look at the balance the infant has, and when you look at the video embedded in the last; you'll be witnessing history today.

The energetic new-born...

...with just the nurse's arm's support